Monday Morning

“I’ve decided it’s going to be a good day.” is what I texted my friend this morning.

Sometimes the only thing we truly need is just to decide, secure in the knowledge that no matter what happens or what the day brings, we’ll handle it and everything will be okay.  This is your reminder that you *can* do the hard things and you *can* greet life on your terms.  You give yourself far too little credit for the vast amounts of resilience, resourcefulness and sheer chutzpah that you have coursing through your glorious selves.  Some days life’s tasks loom large, and I’m here to remind you that there is nothing you won’t get through, either on your own or with the care and support of the people around you who will lovingly cheer you on, or lend you their time and hands.  I’m rooting for you, always.



High Vibrational Energy 11/11

Greetings and Happy Monday!

I hope this finds you well, and refreshed after the weekend. Here in the United States we are observing a holiday, so if you’re off of work, enjoy!

I’m really reaching out to share a little about the high vibrational energy that came in with 11/11 just yesterday. 2018 is an 11 year – so the portal of 11/11/11 is an especially powerful one. The energy has given us the power to distance ourselves from people, situations and self limiting ideas that no longer serve who we are and who we’re becoming. Whether or not our conscious minds have caught up, our souls no longer need painful lessons to grow. (They never did, but that’s a subject for another day).

We have the opportunity to ride this wave of greater peace, harmony and transformation and alignment. The energies around us have sped up to a higher frequency, and if you’re in tune – you’ll notice that anything and anyone who doesn’t resonate with a loving, authentic, kind and compassionate frequency will fall away or distance and things and people that are will rise up to meet you and stay.

You’ll find you’re connecting to people who are good for you on an emotional, spiritual and mental level. Soul connections are arriving and you will find yourself supported in love, work and play. Be open to new friendships.

It’s also intense right now, so move gently and be loving and kind to yourself. Forgiveness is KING right now – so check in – is there anyone (especially yourself) you would benefit by forgiving? You might feel triggered, but you will move through challenges rapidly, and fully supported. You are warrior strong.

Go on a negativity diet. Release it from your mind and heart. Try to wipe the mental vision you expect from your mind and be open to allowing the story to unfold in a way you might not have preconcieved. Release the need to force or coerce situations to fit into the preconcieved ideas you have about how they should unfold and simply let them unfold as they will organically. Now is not the time to try to force or control outcomes.

Ask for what you want. If you don’t know what that is exactly – take some time to figure it out. Write down your ideal day from rising to bed time – and then trust that the universe is guiding you to the life you most want to live. Get ready to receive. The energies are primed for manifestation.

Clear the decks – make your wish and then get ready to welcome it in.

I’m with you on the journey,  I look forward to connecting with you very soon!


Work With Me


Greetings Friends!

I’ve been offering my psychic insight since 2008 and I would be honored to share it with you.

During a session we can:

Get a general overview of what you need to know right now – a birdseye view of the potentials coming in for you complete with events and timing of things to look out for to maximize or minimize energies.

Ask specific yes/no and timing questions about a pertinent issue you’re dealing with.

Get advice from the Ascended Masters.

Check out career, financial, family and love/romantic life.

Get clarity on any events or challenges that you’re experiencing.

Do remote healing work on emotional, mental and physical challenges.

Find lost items.

Tune into your guides and make sense of synchronicities and intuitive downloads that you’re getting.

I look so forward to connecting with you and working together.


Halloween Treats

Photo: Nathan Burrows

Hello friends!

I have some delicious Halloween treats for you.  October is my favorite month.  I love the cooler days and the abundant feeling of fullness during the traditional time of harvest. Halloween time (or Samhain) is perfect for tuning into and deepening our spiritual pursuits, because the veil between the mundane and spiritual worlds is the thinnest.  If you tune in to the more easily identifiable spiritual vibe right now,  you can (more) easily magnetize what you want to create in your life.  

We  collectively create the world we live in, each of us adding to the good in the world or the chaos in the world.  Your vibe carries, and you broadcast that energy everywhere you go and to everyone you meet.  None of us lives in a vacuum.  What kind of energy are you putting out there? What would you LOVE to see reflected back in your day-to-day reality?  We can learn our lessons through pain or joy – the choice is ultimately up to us and depends on what we put out in life.

Today is the perfect time to put that practice into motion. Your attitude and thoughts can help transform your life from what it is to what you most want it to be, and/or if you love it, maintain it.  Today’s energiesare primed to help you make it so.

What does your ideal life look like? Write it down – from waking to going to bed – what does that day look like?  BE SPECIFIC.  If you don’t have time to write it down, just take a moment and give it a think. Visualize the environment, the feelings, the food, the people, and the places you most desire, then CALL IT IN:

Affirm: “ I give thanks for my permanent happiness, my permanent health, wealth and love.  I a harmonious, happy and divinely magnetic, and I now draw my unending good to me.  All things I seek are seeking me.  And so it is.”  or  “ Divine love expressing through me now draws to me all that is needed to make me happy and my life complete.” 

Feel free to use different affirmations, these are just a few that I enjoy.

Keep open to the intuitive information that presents itself afterwards.  It will help you take the action and take advantage of the opportunities you draw in.  Manifesting requires action, and not just magical thinking. What we radiate we attract, but the mental preparation comes first so we can connect the seen and the unseen and then take the external steps to make it real.

There has been so much chaos and unrest in the world, especially here in the states.  We have the ability to add to the darkness or add to the goodness that’s happening.  What do you envision for the world at large?  See it, vision it, speak it.  Hold your vision steady and loving and keep sending your beacon of light out into the world.  We need it. 

Affirm:  “I give thanks for unity and great calm in the United States and the World. I clearly see peace established on land and sea. And so it is”  Again, feel free to use whatever affirmation feels right for you. 

We are here to live our best lives in these Earthly meat suits we walk around in, not just survive.  The truth is we can manifest anything at any time, just by our thoughts becoming things.

Personally, I think we’ve all had enough of the horror show that’s real life and I’d like to get us focused on the good stuff again – focus ONLY on what you want today.  No matter what it is, a turn in the political tides, peace, abundant health, wealth and happiness.  Keep those in the forefront of your mind and open up to the pure possibility of life and love during this magical time of year.

I think it’s time for you to get your own personal reading to get clear on what the possibilities in your life are and what’s coming in for you.  So, to everyone reading this blog post today – I’m extending a 31% discount on all readings through November 7th.  You can purchase as many readings at this discounted rate that you like – for friends, family or just for your own future use.  


I look forward to working with you to find and manifest your most magical life.

With love,


Back to Basics or Basic Witch?

Photo by Lawrence Green on Unsplash

Tarot decks, crystals, herbs, essential oils, witch culture, and intuition are having a moment right now. I see it everywhere; Soccer Moms on Facebook casting spells, novice tarot card enthusiasts giving incorrect card interpretations and low rent love advice on YouTube videos, and gals returning from weekend retreats and festivals, (having spent a lot of coin on stones, potions and apparel) dubbing themselves witches and healers. Let’s face it, being a basic witch is hot right now.

Don’t get me wrong. I encourage everyone to get in touch with in their gut, and to take their personal power back. I do however, worry that that the purpose of the endeavor is entirely missed. We are all psychic, we are all born empaths, we just stopped listening to that sense because modern life has drowned it out. If you call yourself a healer, a witch, or an empath as a means to differentiate yourself as “special” – it’s more about your ego than actually doing the work of being a guide or a healer.

As someone who grew up immersed in the metaphysical life, I have learned that the real magic of this path lies in finding the mystic in the mundane. This work gives the bulk of it’s gifts while you drive your kid to school, not while meditating on a rock outcropping in Sedona. It’s a way of being, not cosplay.

If you’re excited and enthusiastic about discovering a new way of being that makes sense and means something to you, fantastic! Soak it all up. Explore all of the ways that you can learn and deepen your knowledge about how we interact with the things we can’t see. Metaphysical phenomena are common, if you’re discerning. Intuition is always with you, if you listen. Spells are just ritualizing intention and giving reverence to the ways that the seen and unseen intersect, and how we interact with them.

Many of the things that have come back into vogue of late have been practiced by humans for centuries as a natural part of life, until society told us it was unacceptable. Essential oils are not new, herbs are not new – their use goes back millennia. Modern medicine has told us they are quackery, and yet their efficacy is known by those who aren’t afraid to blend the best of the old and the new. I am in no way espousing the idea that we should abandon modern medicine; science is valid. I am simply saying that we can have both and use both in tandem. One doesn’t have to negate the other. (I’ll talk about patriarchal oppression and capitalism another day).

I come from a long line of witchy women, who never called themselves witches. They were connected to the magic of the world in everything they did as a way of life. In their cooking, their gardens, in knowing that across town, one of their children had just gotten hurt. They calmed babies, took care of their families, and dispensed cures, healing and advice to the neighborhood because they possessed a deep understanding about what was needed to remedy any ill.

This innate “knowing” that all human beings possess has been devalued, stigmatized as “naïve” or “squishy”, and sucked out of us by a society that demands participation in a life that is a constant onslaught of mental, psychic and emotional input, which leaves very little time to get quiet enough to hear our inner voice guiding us. It never fully vanishes though; we just need to do the work to make it more clear and audible.

Instead of slowing down and listening to what our minds, souls and bodies need most in the form of food, exercise, emotional connection, psychological and physical health, we get sick chasing the dream of a better life as prescribed by a society saturated with a Kardashianized model of what happiness is supposed to look like.

Let’s not forget the ample supply of retail opportunities to assist you on your mystical path. On the internet , and here in Los Angeles there is no shortage of opportunity to trade your money for a jar of dust or a bag of crystals to send you on your etheric way, but as practitioner Gregory Barnett said so well: “Hate to break it to you, you’re buyers, not brujas.”

If your goal is to connect to and harmonize with universal energies, and understand life in a world that’s become incomprehensible, welcome aboard. If you want to learn how to use your intuition consciously to more effectively navigate love, interpersonal and business relationships, welcome aboard. There are things to know and learn. Some are as natural as breathing. Some are more difficult to access because we got trained away from our nature. Find the flavor you love and dive in.

The most important (and rewarding) part of becoming attuned is doing the everyday work to take care of yourself. Sleep well, meditate for 10 minutes, exercise, fuel your body with good food. I’m talking about hearty, unprocessed food, like fruits and veggies, not “deeply satiating seaweed tacos with probiotic pea paste”. There is magic in cooking and food prep, magic in taking a walk in nature and connecting with someone you love. Watching a comedy that makes you belly laugh is far more healing than any overpriced juice detox will ever be.


Workshop Enrollment is Open!


Real talk:

You are highly intuitive; but have you ever longed to command your intuition consciously, instead of just experiencing it at random?

Your intuition is an operating system, always running in the background:

“I should have trusted my gut.”

“I knew what was really going on but I didn’t say anything.”

“I wanted it so badly but I still walked away.”

It’s almost a cliche; the telephone rings and you intuitively know who it is before answering. You think of a friend and bump into them at the market.  You pull down an aisle at Target just in time for the first parking space to open up.  Intuition often shows up this way, as a fleeting insight we’ll probably dismiss as coincidence, or write off as “just imagination.” But as Albert Einstein once said, “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

Learn How

You can harness the intuitive voice inside yourself that has guided life’s greatest thinkers, artists, and business owners.  This workshop is designed to help you access your gut feels and use them more effectively than you ever dreamed you could.   You’ll learn how to recognize the messages your intuition is sending to you and take advantage of them to create a life you don’t want to escape from. 

Enrollment is OPEN!


Thoughts Become Things!

You’ve probably heard the saying: “Where your attention goes, energy flows”, and it’s so true!  Your word is your wand; everything you think, feel and believe is creating the reality you live in every day.

In order to ensure that your life is a reflection of what you truly desire, instead of the result of a fear filled, default mindset you must choose your thoughts and words carefully and program them mindfully.

Intuition can help you identify the path that’s in your highest good, and affirmations are a form of energetic command to help you consciously create and more quickly manifest the reality that you most desire.

When using affirmations, make sure to state your desire in the present tense, such as: “I am now financially free”, “I am now living in abundance” or “I am now experiencing perfect health, abundant prosperity and complete happiness”.

Write them down, sing them to yourself in the car, focus on them for as long as you can.  17 seconds is all it takes to start that energy moving in your life.

Free yourself from petty/negative thinking, celebrate other’s successes and do not write about your troubles and lack.  Your subconscious will bring you more of what you talk, think, feel and write about – so make sure you’re putting your focus on what you want and not what you do not want.

Let naysayer’s opinions roll out of your mind like water off a duck’s back.  Negative Nellies are usually in one of two camps: they secretly admire you, or they find themselves lacking.  Either way, you do not have time to engage.

I wish you a joy filled, perfectly healthy, abundantly prosperous day today!

The Intuitive Voice Inside You

Harness the Intuitive Voice Inside You That Has Guided Life’s Greatest Thinkers, Artists & Business Owners

“I should have trusted my gut.”

“I knew what was really going on but I didn’t say anything.”

“I wanted it so badly but I still walked away.”

It’s almost a cliché: The telephone rings and you intuitively know who it is before answering.

Intuition often shows up this way, as a fleeting insight we’ll probably dismiss as coincidence  — or write off as “just imagination.”

But as Albert Einstein once said, “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

In its effort to protect you, to keep you alive and safe, your brain can keep you from speaking up or getting what you truly want if you don’t know how to listen beyond your rationalizations. When you face an uncomfortable decision, your brain will spontaneously give you a fabulously credible rationalization for avoiding possible failure, embarrassment, or even minor discomfort.

As humans, we are master rationalizers.

First, we tend to compartmentalize problems into two options, yes or no, do it or don’t, with the choice often being the easier way out.

Second, we ignore what our heart and gut are telling us. There are 100 million neurons and every class of neurotransmitter in your gut used to process external stimuli and send signals to your brain. Your heart also receives input and sends out signals. The brain translates these signals so we can make decisions and act. It also edits, censures, and resists some of the data it receives especially if emotions are triggered.

We all have intuition but we don’t consciously listen to it, trusting only what appears to be rational in our often irrational mind. 

Science tells us that only 20 percent of the brain’s gray matter is used for conscious thoughts, while 80 percent is dedicated to non-conscious thoughts.

You can harness the intuitive voice inside yourself that has guided life’s greatest thinkers, artists and business owners. 

History’s most influential people were not any different from you, aside from one major thing: they knew how to tap into their intuition. They knew how to connect with the inner voice. The same voice that you have inside of you right now, waiting for you to answer its calling.

Your intuitive ability started growing when you were no bigger than pinky nail, and it still exists right now, waiting within you to be utilized.  What’s more, your intuition is calling out to you all the time, inviting you to connect to it because it knows what’s best for you.  It can help guid your questions, thoughts, and decisions and is waiting for you to tune in.

You might recognize when your inner voice speaks to you by the way you immediately feel completely empowered, connected and fully relaxed, no matter what your environment or surroundings are.  This feeling doesn’t have to be temporary! When you learn to harness your intuitive voice you can access this place wherever and whenever you need it.

Using your intuition consciously allows you to:


End a life of commotion, external demand, and stress. Guide yourself to better moments — from the small things that matter such as getting a better parking spot, to life-changing new connections.


Reconnect with your spiritual source and let the abundant healing energies flow from you to all those you meet, love and care about.


Strengthen your once quiet voice to one of great power. Fully connect with the people around you and grow your levels of empathy far greater than what you thought possible.


Navigate through any obstacle on your path. Tune in with your psychic ability, and generate creative solutions to any problem you face — build bridges and opportunities where only struggle existed before.


Live an authentic life full of purpose. Listen to your highest and most authentic self, so you can live a heartfelt life.

 CLICK HERE   to find out how you can use your inner voice consciously to create a happier, more abundant, connected life.


How to make the best choices.


Jason Lee Parry

Swipe right or left?  Italian or sushi?  Some decisions we make without much thought, and some we agonize over.  We form opinions and choose to take action based on previous experience, beliefs, emotions, and reason. Hopefully, we also believe in the idea that we can make choices that ultimately lead to our greater well being.

Whether a decision is of little consequence – such as where to eat dinner, or of great consequence, such as where to live, or what job to take, we can employ our intuitive senses to aid in the information gathering process.

For example, when going out for dinner, I “taste” the food at a particular restaurant before deciding whether or not to choose it as my destination.  I  envision myself inside the restaurant and notice the smells, sights, sounds, tastes and vibration.  This is a technique called “remote viewing”.   It’s a highly entertaining (and effective) practice I began when I was a young girl on the phone with my friends.  We would “guess” details about the room the other person was in, and marvel at the things we could sense about the environment without using the physical sense of vision.  We didn’t know at the time we were honing our intuitive senses.

According to the International Remote Viewing Association,  remote viewing is often a means of doing serious science research and for performing operational-type tasks in criminal investigations, government intelligence work, and commercial applications.  In my own work, I use it to help my clients solve problems as well as find lost objects.   I have personally also used it to manage the dynamics of cross-country moves,  job interviews and in a predictive nature with regards to relationships and future events.

Often times, during a remote viewing, other techniques can also enter into the process – such as mediumship, intuitive knowing (a.k.a.: clairvoyance), and telepathy.

The next time you get an invitation to dinner, why not give it a try?  It’s quite possible your intuition will be right on target, you’ll have enhanced your dining experience and had a little fun too.

I think it is time for your own private session.  BOOK HERE

If you’re hesitant or haven’t had a reading before, please read what my clients say about working with me.

I look forward to speaking with you, intuitive one.


Crystal Ball? Yes. Turban? No.

Scott Rodgerson




adjective: psychic

relating to or denoting faculties or phenomena that are apparently inexplicable by natural laws, especially involving telepathy or clairvoyance. “psychic powers”

synonyms: supernatural, paranormal, otherworldly, supernormal, preternatural, metaphysical, extrasensory, magic, magical, mystical, mystic, occult

The word Psychic has SUCH a negative social connotation these days that I rarely use it to describe myself; even though it’s the most accurate way to explain the way my perception works.

I don’t wear a turban, but I *do* have a crystal ball. It was a birthday gift from my friend Kim and only serves to adorn my desk.  I don’t charge exorbitant sums for spells and I don’t perform curses. Instead, I use my insight to help my clients create lives they don’t feel the need to escape from.

When I tune in to a person or situation, I see patterns, energy fields, and potentials, The way I see a person’s energy has actually shaped the way I do my readings over the years. You see, I would rather help a client identify why a pattern keeps cropping up in their life than just tell them whether the person they’re dating is into them or if their boss will ever stop being a micro-managing tyrant.

Frequently, clients come to me seeking information about the often acutely painful experiences in life; motivated by the desire to soothe their pain and figure out how they ended up in a situation they “didn’t sign up for”.

In truth, the secret solution to most dilemmas is based on recognizing the thoughts, emotions, and beliefs that shape daily life.

Our thoughts become things.  The emotions and beliefs we hold about life are ultimately made manifest in our daily reality.  Let me repeat: Our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs become our reality. It’s quantum physics at work in daily life.

During a session, I look at the patterns that created the beliefs and offer tools to unravel any tangled thinking. Once the tangled thinking gets sorted out – the love life, career, and/or financial situations can move forward again, often with a renewed sense of purpose and clarity.

Sometimes we don’t realize the deeply ingrained, limiting thought patterns that have brought us to the present moment. That’s why having a second set of eyes to identify the blind spots is a huge benefit. That’s where I come in.

I love to go on deep dives with my clients to help them identify and sort through the energetic congestion of being a human being in the 21st century.  Not only do I get to see what needs sorting out – I see all the beautiful potentials that are possible as well.

(Note: I am not a therapist and I am not offering psychological advice, but I might encourage a client to seek a professional for assistance that I cannot give).

While I can channel information from spirit guides and those who have crossed over, I don’t “speak” to them “directly”.  The information I perceive comes to me in the form of pictures, (like on a movie screen in my head), words or lyrics, or in a sense of knowing.  I also “feel” the emotional tenor of a room or of a person that I’m talking with.  I use remote viewing to “look at” a physical place, an emotional dynamic, taste a meal or find a lost item.

I feel that my purpose as a “psychic” is not just to predict the future or give you messages from your spirit guides or crossed over loved ones. My goal is to help you create your own future by using the tools I have to assist you in letting go of energetic blocks or limiting thought & behavior patterns.

I would love to help you remove any blocks to your happiness and design a fulfilling life plan or even just talk about what’s bugging you so you can get some clarity and feel less challenged by it.

I think it’s time for you to get a personal reading.  You can book one here: WORK WITH ME

If you’ve never gotten a “psychic” reading before, read what my clients are saying about working with me here: REVIEWS

I can teach you how to cultivate your intuitive skills, too! Workshop: Harness Your Intuition

I look forward to connecting with you!