Crystal Ball? Yes. Turban? No.

Scott Rodgerson




adjective: psychic

relating to or denoting faculties or phenomena that are apparently inexplicable by natural laws, especially involving telepathy or clairvoyance. “psychic powers”

synonyms: supernatural, paranormal, otherworldly, supernormal, preternatural, metaphysical, extrasensory, magic, magical, mystical, mystic, occult

The word Psychic has SUCH a negative social connotation these days that I rarely use it to describe myself; even though it’s the most accurate way to explain the way my perception works.

I don’t wear a turban, but I *do* have a crystal ball. It was a birthday gift from my friend Kim and only serves to adorn my desk.  I don’t charge exorbitant sums for spells and I don’t perform curses. Instead, I use my insight to help my clients create lives they don’t feel the need to escape from.

When I tune in to a person or situation, I see patterns, energy fields, and potentials, The way I see a person’s energy has actually shaped the way I do my readings over the years. You see, I would rather help a client identify why a pattern keeps cropping up in their life than just tell them whether the person they’re dating is into them or if their boss will ever stop being a micro-managing tyrant.

Frequently, clients come to me seeking information about the often acutely painful experiences in life; motivated by the desire to soothe their pain and figure out how they ended up in a situation they “didn’t sign up for”.

In truth, the secret solution to most dilemmas is based on recognizing the thoughts, emotions, and beliefs that shape daily life.

Our thoughts become things.  The emotions and beliefs we hold about life are ultimately made manifest in our daily reality.  Let me repeat: Our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs become our reality. It’s quantum physics at work in daily life.

During a session, I look at the patterns that created the beliefs and offer tools to unravel any tangled thinking. Once the tangled thinking gets sorted out – the love life, career, and/or financial situations can move forward again, often with a renewed sense of purpose and clarity.

Sometimes we don’t realize the deeply ingrained, limiting thought patterns that have brought us to the present moment. That’s why having a second set of eyes to identify the blind spots is a huge benefit. That’s where I come in.

I love to go on deep dives with my clients to help them identify and sort through the energetic congestion of being a human being in the 21st century.  Not only do I get to see what needs sorting out – I see all the beautiful potentials that are possible as well.

(Note: I am not a therapist and I am not offering psychological advice, but I might encourage a client to seek a professional for assistance that I cannot give).

While I can channel information from spirit guides and those who have crossed over, I don’t “speak” to them “directly”.  The information I perceive comes to me in the form of pictures, (like on a movie screen in my head), words or lyrics, or in a sense of knowing.  I also “feel” the emotional tenor of a room or of a person that I’m talking with.  I use remote viewing to “look at” a physical place, an emotional dynamic, taste a meal or find a lost item.

I feel that my purpose as a “psychic” is not just to predict the future or give you messages from your spirit guides or crossed over loved ones. My goal is to help you create your own future by using the tools I have to assist you in letting go of energetic blocks or limiting thought & behavior patterns.

I would love to help you remove any blocks to your happiness and design a fulfilling life plan or even just talk about what’s bugging you so you can get some clarity and feel less challenged by it.

I think it’s time for you to get a personal reading.  You can book one here: WORK WITH ME

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Live Better. Use Your Intuition.


Andrew Ruiz

The world today is full of noise — news, conflicts, and stresses that distort your spiritual sixth sense.

All the noises of external pressures create a static, which drowns out the frequency of your intuition — causing you to make hasty decisions with your head based on what you think is logical… instead of basing these significant decisions on the spiritual intuition of your heart and what feels right.

But when you learn how to quiet the noise of daily life, you will be able to tune into the wisdom of your own inner-voice and…Harness Your Intuition

“I should have trusted my gut.”
“I knew what was really going on but I didn’t say anything.”
“I wanted it so badly but I still walked away.”

It’s almost a cliché: The telephone rings and you intuitively know who it is before answering.

Intuition often shows up this way, as a fleeting insight we’ll probably dismiss as coincidence — or write off as “just imagination.”

But as Albert Einstein once said, “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

You can harness the intuitive voice inside yourself that has guided life’s greatest thinkers, artists and business owners.

History’s most influential people were not any different from you, aside from one major thing: they knew how to tap into their intuition. They knew how to connect with the inner voice. The same voice that you have inside of you right now, waiting for you to answer its calling.

Your intuitive ability started growing when you were no bigger than pinky nail, and it still exists right now, waiting within you to be utilized. What’s more, your intuition is calling out to you all the time, inviting you to connect to it because it knows what’s best for you. It can help guide your questions, thoughts, and decisions and is waiting for you to tune in.

You might recognize when your inner voice speaks to you by the way you immediately feel completely empowered, connected and fully relaxed, no matter what your environment or surroundings are. This feeling doesn’t have to be temporary! When you learn to harness your intuitive voice you can access this place wherever and whenever you need it.

Enhancing your intuition allows you to:

End a life of commotion, external demand, and stress. Guide yourself to better moments — from the small things that matter such as getting a better parking spot, to life-changing new connections.

Reconnect with your spiritual source and let the abundant healing energies flow from you to all those you meet, love and care about.

Strengthen your once quiet voice to one of great power. Fully connect with the people around you and grow your levels of empathy far greater than what you thought possible.

Navigate through any obstacle on your path. Tune in with your psychic ability, and generate creative solutions to any problem you face — build bridges and opportunities where only struggle existed before.

Live an authentic life full of purpose. Listen to your highest and most authentic self, so you can live a heartfelt life.

I think it is time for your own private session.

If you’re hesitant, or haven’t had a reading before, please read what my clients say about working with me.

I look forward to speaking with you, intuitive one.








Love Yourself

Louise Hay introduced me to the idea that when we really love ourselves, everything in our life works. What we think about ourselves becomes the truth for us. We choose these thoughts, and we can change them too! Loving and approving of yourself is the secret sauce to living a happy, healthy, abundant life. When I first learned this, I followed Louise’s guidance and even sang her affirmation “I love and approve of myself” to the tune of Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” as a part of my practice, undoing my old thought patterns. It was a powerful salve and gave me a ton of joy in the process. Maybe you’d like to try it too? 😉



All signs point to yes.

Maggie Taylor

I have a few spiritual guides that I admire very much, and one of them is Marianne Williamson.  I discovered her teachings on A Course In Miracles when I was in my early 20’s living in Boulder, Colorado and having the first of many existential crises.  I devoured her lectures and books because they made sense of all the suffering I was going through about striving versus being, what to do with myself and how to feel comfortable in my own skin.

One of my favorite ideas, as outlined in the course and demystified by Marianne, is the thought that the universe is always directing us to be the best versions of ourselves and helping us set up the conditions to get there.  The same intelligence that causes the embryo to become a baby and an acorn to become a powerful oak tree is at work in you and me – the difference being that we can say no to it’s unfoldment and choose to travel down another path using our free will.

Allowing life to unfold and to take inspired action as opposed to forcing life’s events is what I’m talking about here.  We can’t always know where life will lead us; but if we attune our minds to the positive occurrences, instead of focusing only on what’s gone wrong during our days, we experience more goodness as a result.

The power of the negative thought is seductive as it beckons our attention away from the wonderful things that just took place and is a common place experience for many people.  Experiencing one negative occurrence and then turning our attention back onto the other wonderful things that happened as well is difficult to do.  It takes practice, daily.

So, the next time you find yourself sliding into a negative thought spiral, take a breath, plant your feet firmly on the ground and choose the better feeling thoughts about what’s going right, right now.






Where and who you are is perfect, whole and complete.

‘People say, “The joy is in the journey,” but they rarely understand what they are saying. You are in this focused time/space reality with goals and objectives that call you because as you identify a desire it literally summons life through you. Life summoning through you is what it’s all about —it’s not the completion of anything.’ ~Abraham-Hicks

This Abraham quote speaks to me – especially as I think about clients who are struggling with very real, and very transformative life changes. We often draw experiences into our lives that we then find difficult or unpleasant by not staying present to our happiness or well being in the moment. We get caught up in ego-based decision making, people pleasing or money-making when our souls are crying out for more and for more connection. Sometimes we can find ourselves far afield of where we thought we’d be. Sometimes the idea of living a happy life can seem possible only after a certain set of circumstances is achieved: weight loss, new job, new car etc…

I urge you to check in with yourself today. What in your life is good now? What is around you that you’re overlooking? Can you see the blessings in your current situation? Can you take a closer look and maybe see that something needs come care and perhaps some transformation?

Mindfulness can be as simple as just taking a moment and checking in to feel your body – instead of checking our smart phones. Take some cleansing breaths. Feel the feet in your shoes, the quality of air on your cheek.

How do you feel?

Check in .

Be here now.

There is no there. There is only here.

Our monkey minds and modern lives don’t help engender feelings of ease, because we’re conditioned to constantly seek resolution and results, instead of resting deeply in the sense of knowing that as my hero Louise Hay says: “In the infinity of where we are, all is perfect whole and complete.”

I offer you this: no matter what life seems to present to you on the outside, lean in, and breathe through the tight spot. Send a juicy beam of your delicious life force right to the spot that aches, feels stuck, scared, blocked or painful. Feel your feet in your shoes and the breath in your lungs. Take a moment to see where the space you create changes your current perception of how life is working out and rest in knowing that right now, just as you are, you ARE perfect, whole and complete.

You’re wonderful, and I hope that you acknowledge and love yourself for who you truly are. Not who you think you are, or should be, or who your friends/family/kids/spouses/bosses think you should should be or could be, but who you are, NOW. Where time and space intersect at this present moment. Take a second to notice and appreciate all the wonderful things you do every day. I see them. I applaud them. You’re doing great. Do you know that? I know that. And I think you’re pretty swell.

Have a gentle day.  I’m with you on the journey.



10 Ways to Have a Stress Free Day

Photo by Thornypuponflikr

Statistics show the most successful people in the world are folks who optimize their days from the moment they awaken. Life offers us plenty of challenges.  Meeting them when we are tired, drained and stressed can make them feel impossible to manage.  Here are some of my favorite practices for keeping stress at bay.


Sitting quietly for 5-10 minutes before you start your morning routine can set the tone for your day.  You can meditate or do some simple breath work before rising.

(Pro-Tip: Avoid your smart phone and hold off on checking your email or social media. It can wait.)

Fact: Science has proven time and time again that your morning routine sets the rhythm for the rest of your day.


Take a few moments to do a daily affirmation or think good thoughts about your day or others. Visualizing your day going smoothly and easily will also help establish a positive outlook.

(Pro-Tip: Visualize yourself from the current moment, living the best version for this particular day.  Make it as vivid and detailed as possible.  Incorporate feelings of joy, happiness, excitement and gratitude).


Within the first 30 minutes of waking up, perform a quick exercise routine. The goal here is not “fitness”, instead it’s to increase energy and stimulate your mind to elevate mental performance for the day. Furthermore, this quick routine will help release serotonin (happy hormones) during a time where you likely used to produce cortisol (stress hormones). Shockingly, science says if you do this for just 5 days, your body will begin to identify mornings with joy rather than tension and anxiety.


Instead of wolfing down whatever’s closest and most convenient, give yourself enough time to to prepare and notice what your food looks like, tastes like, smells like and feels like.  Your digestive system will thank you.


Taking a few deep inhales and exhales can help to manages feelings of stress and anxiety during the day.

(Pro Tip: Learn Ujayi breath, it’s power stress relief tool.  Here’s how.)


Drink Me by Morgan Sessions

Staying hydrated with with water and herbal teas is a very kind act of self love and will boost your health and happiness.

The link between water and stress reduction is well documented. All of our organs, including our brains, need water to function properly. If you’re dehydrated, your body isn’t running well — and that can lead to stress.


Many of us sit for long periods of time at our workplaces and this can lead to tension and tightness in our necks, lower back and hip flexors.

Moving, standing up and doing some simple yoga exercises at your desk can help relieve tension and help you refocus on your tasks.


Eat the elephant one bite at a time. We may get overwhelmed from time to time and have numerous tasks and responsibilities at hand.  Plan accordingly, break everything down into small, manageable steps.


Driving Why Kei

We often set ourselves to auto-pilot while we navigate our commutes or our walks.  Be aware, turn off your phone and if you have a long commute, consider doing it in silence to let your brain have a break or put on soft soothing music.  Classical is a favorite of mine.

If you’re on foot,  lift your head up and don’t bury your face in your phone.  It’s a great way to avoid being hit by a car or accidentally falling into a sink hole.


When you arrive home, allow yourself to transition from work-mode to home life.  It’s important to shift gears and let the day go both physically and emotionally.



What was the best part of your day? Before you drift off to sleep, write down at least three things that went well and that you’re grateful for.  It’s a wonderful way to conclude your day.






Trust your intuition, it doesn’t lie.



We all have hunches, gut feelings, intuitive hits.  The question is, do we trust our intuition, or do we ignore it,  at our peril?

Picture the scene:  a friend and her family go on vacation, and you are pet sitting.  The neighborhood is safe but unfamiliar.  One evening while walking the dog on a busy street, you suddenly get the urge to conceal your cell phone, and feel a rush of sensation in your gut that a threat is near.  You jam the phone deep in your pocket and reach down to clean up after the dog.  A moment later, a stranger approaches and asks if he can borrow your phone to make a call, because he’s stranded.   Your body tenses and you respond to him by pointing out the police station a block away.  You turn and begin to walk quickly in the other direction as the stranger shouts: “I was just there, you bitch! Get back here, don’t you walk away from me!”  The next day you see a news story about a rash of cell phone thefts that happened the same way in the area.

This story is a real life experience I had last summer.   I absolutely credit my intuition with alerting me to the very real danger I didn’t rationally know was coming, and I’m grateful I wasn’t mugged.  The lesson I took away from this situation is that if something doesn’t feel right, it usually isn’t.  My body was ready to fight or take flight and I chose not to acquiesce to the stranger’s demands because my intuition alerted me not to – and to get away from danger.  Intuition is a potential life saver; it can can help us discern real threats from imaginary ones. Many women are steeped in the cultural zeitgeist of “being polite to strangers” and might  have felt obligated to help and had their phones stolen, or worse, as the news reminds us time and again.

Often times, our intuition gives us the best information long before our rational minds do.   Intuition works faster and provides answers that our rational minds can then quantify.  Previous experience has taught me that the impressions that come to mind first are usually the most accurate, even after much deliberation and research.  In fact, studies have shown that the longer people deliberate over big decisions, the less satisfied they are with the final outcome than had they just gone with their gut.  In the case of the stranger who wanted my phone last summer, my intuition kept me safe.

The caveat?  The power of our unconscious minds is great, but it can also be fallible.  The good news is that we can fine tune, educate, and manage our unconscious reactions so that what is truly an intuitive response becomes a very clear voice with information we can use any time, for any reason with confidence.  The power of knowing is not a gift given magically to a fortunate few; it is an ability that we can cultivate for ourselves.

What if you could learn and implement this aspect of your mind and use it to your advantage intentionally (and not just by chance)?  One of my passions is teaching people about how amazing life can be when we use our intuition consciously, for our benefit.

I’m so excited about doing this in fact, that I’m putting the final touches on a workshop series that will help you learn to use your intuition like a boss, every day.

Do you ever wonder what life would be like if you could use intuition to guide you towards the vision you’ve always had for yourself?

When you harness the power of your intuition, it will allow you to:

  • Solve problems and make decisions with ease.
  • Recognize and maximize opportunities.
  • Connect with friends and loved ones more deeply.
  • Navigate job interviews, social interactions and dating with more clarity and confidence.
  • Feel confident and comfortable no matter what life throws at you.
  • Open up to a world of possibilities.

Now, doesn’t that sound like a super-power you’d love to have?  Rest assured, it can be yours!

Please stay tuned for more information on my upcoming course on using your intuition with ease and aplomb in all areas of your life.  Subscribe to my blog to get all the details as they become available. If you liked this and know a friend who would benefit from this information, share it!

I am available for consults by phone or Skype anywhere in the world, and if you’re ready, I can teach you all the secrets to owning your intuition and using it to create a life you love.

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The benefits of yoga practice.

Friendly yoga PSA for the day:

Not only will yoga help you rock out all of the other workouts you like by having more stamina, lung capacity, and mobility it also returns your body to it’s resting state, which is the foundation of health.

Breath work (pranayama) in yoga class not only increases your stamina, it turns off your body’s stress response. A perfect foil to any intense activities athletically, at work and in life. The deep unwinding of our nervous system results in stronger life force, a more robust immune system, too!

If you’re local to SoCal, come get some – Mondays at 8PM and Saturday at 11AM. Nerdstrong Gym, NoHo ‪#‎yogastrong‬



Big Decision? Use your intuition.

You are at a crossroads.  You’re considering two (or more) paths and can’t decide which is the best way to go and you feel overwhelmed.  Thankfully, I have some good news!  You are profoundly intuitive and you can use your intuition to make important decisions with ease.

The scenario: you have a huge decision to make.  You’re standing at the precipice of profound life changes and the stakes are high.  Your future happiness hangs in the balance.  You call your Mom for advice and she  “just wants you to be happy sweetheart”.  You spend hours lamenting to your best friend at your favorite cafe and drink three green tea lattes which frays your jittery nerves even more.   You make a pro and con list. You pore over articles on the internet searching for some clue as to what direction you should go in and make no progress; you still can’t decide.  Confusion reigns. Inertia sets in.

Your ego mind wants to present  you with “logic”:  concerns, responsibilities, other people’s desires and expectations. Your ego mind wants to trumpet fear, resistance, perfectionism and limitation onto your awareness (hardly the recipe for successful decision making).

If you’re in this place, with the clock ticking down, take a breath, grab a notepad  and roll up your sleeves. Help is at hand, in fact it is in YOUR hands.  Why not use all of the information that is available?  Don’t discount the power of your intuition when it comes to navigating life’s biggest challenges.

Begin by writing down all the potential worst case scenarios you associate with your decision; you know the one –  you end up destitute, alone and loveless, awaiting the day they find your body,  half of your face eaten off by your cat Señor Purrington.  I’m kidding, but I can relate because I have a monkey-mind too, and it can conjure up the worst of the worst.  I learned how to worry from professionals. By the way, worry is insidious and completely unnecessary.  Now –  don’t hold back,  let loose and let your ego/fear mind run wild.  Once you’ve exhumed all of the potential disasters, thank the Debbie Downer in your head for sharing and swiftly send her away for some R&R.

An option for working with the list you have just created is to make friends with all of the worst case scenarios and write down how each one could actually be good for your life.  It’s a technique I learned from a wonderful coach and has provided me a lot of insight.  That’s another post;  today we want to focus on accessing our intuition in times like this.

When you’re finished stand up – walk around the room or even take a walk outside and become aware of your surroundings.  When you come back in, sit in a different spot than the one you were sitting in before.  We’ve cleared your mental deck of  any monkey-mind distractions (for the time being) and now the fun can begin!

Mindful practice is our next step.  Find a comfortable seat and prepare to meditate. How you do it does not have to be complicated, you can simply follow your breath.  One easy meditation exercise I enjoy is to inhale for a count of 5, hold for 3, exhale for a count of 8. The counting will give your mind something to do, because sitting silently can be hard for us Westerners to do.  A mantra, word or prayer can also be a helpful way to keep your mind occupied.  One I enjoy is:  “Om Namah Shivaya”  (I bow to the divine self). Do 10 or more rounds or a minimum of 5 minutes.  Go longer if you like, up to 15 minutes. If your attention wanders, gently bring it back to your breath or your mantra.

When you’re finished with your meditation session you’ll notice a place of clarity and clear-headedness.  This is the perfect time to access your intuition for guidance.

Voice your request for more information by asking: “What do I need to know about this decision?” or “Show me the next step for bringing my desires into reality.”  Tune into your body and become aware of the sensations you’re feeling – your ego mind typically resides in your head, and will create energy there.  Your intuition will largely reside in your torso, your gut,  or your solar plexus area and often brings with it a sense of peace, inspiration, and joy.

A technique I use to access what my intuition is automatic writing, or stream of consciousness writing.  I hold each potential scenario in mind and then begin to write about each one, unfiltered.  You may find that a lot of conscious mind and surface level thoughts come through at first – keep writing.  You will soon find that deeper level information is coming through and that’s your intuition at play.

Use all of your senses and imagine what each path might be like if you were to choose it.  Feel, see, taste, touch, sense and experience.  Notice how your body feels when you visualize each possibility.  Relaxed? Restricted? Tight? Joyful?  Expansive? Peaceful?  Abundant? Fearful? Excited? Refreshed?  Depressed?  Drained?  Did you get a strong sense of yes or no about each possibility from your body and your intuition?  (Hint: the scenario that makes you feel the most positive is typically the path that will bring you the most happiness).

To take this a step further, (especially if you’re deciding on a new career path) you can write about your ideal day.  It’s very simple.  Imagine that you have embarked on your new career path and envision your day from the time you wake until the time you go to sleep.  Delve into every detail that comes to mind:  what you are wearing, tasting, smelling, feeling, hearing, and sensing.  Where do you go?  What do you do?  Who do you see? Allow your mind to run with this and do NOT edit yourself.  No filters!

The work you did earlier should have calmed your mind enough to dive in, but if any skeptical thoughts creep in, do not listen.  Your job is to visualize and imagine, nothing else.  Do not engage in thoughts about whether or not your dream day is possible, just write.  Do nothing but let your thoughts run free, secure in the knowledge that this is your ideal day and it is possible.

After you have completed the writing portion, come back to your body and the room that you’re in and feel the power of the possibilities that you just accessed.  Recognize it and remember that your intuition is enormous and guides you towards taking inspired action towards living the life you most want to live.  Go back and review the questions from above – what came through for you as you visualized your ideal day?  What did you experience?

When I have done this exercise in the past,  I have been delighted that I have met people and been in situations that I visualized. People, places and things presented themselves, in the exact manner that I wrote them down doing this exercise.  At best you will have accessed a divine road map to the potentials in your future, and at the very least you will have given voice to your desires, which changes your energy by virtue of simply acknowledging them. When you gain clarity about what you want you can empower yourself to take inspired action towards your goals.

In truth, anything you can imagine for yourself is possible and in the words of my favorite author, Richard Bach:  “You are never given a dream without also being given the power to make it true. You may have to work for it, however.”

I’d love to hear about your experiences with this, and how this works for you in your decision making process.  If you enjoyed this – please send to a friend who could use a little help making a big decision.

As always, I’m with you on the journey.



Create a life you don’t want to escape from.

Lechon Kirb

Have you ever found yourself so deep in a funk, that low level misery has become your new normal?  Perhaps the responsibilities of day to day living have taken you far away from the life you dreamed of as a hopeful college student.  Maybe you’re not even sure what your dreams are anymore.  The disconnect between living lives we love vs. the lives we believe will bring us security is commonplace.

Last night, driving home from teaching yoga, I dropped in on my best friend.  She and her kids had just finished dinner and were in wind-down mode in preparation for bed time.  She, like me, is a single Mom and we have bonded through this shared experience.

We got to talking about what was going on in our lives, when in response to a work  dilemma she was telling me about, I asked her the question:  “What do YOU want?”  She looked at my blankly and said:  “I don’t know…” Her brow furrowed as she struggled to answer me.  I followed up with “What would you do if money were not an issue?”

My bestie is a highly educated artist, who creates beautiful things and delicious meals with an effortlessness that I only dream of having.  She is also one of the most fiscally responsible and hard working people I know. She believes however, that she will always be stuck slaving away at a day job that doesn’t come close to using her talents or fulfilling her dreams.  She exists in a place of moderate stability and financial comfort, while her soul aches for a deeper connection to the artistic pursuits she held in her heart as a younger woman.  Most of the time, her inner thoughts, ideas and feelings get tucked away because of the busy-ness of her daily life. Like so many of us, she has come to believe that the current reality of her life is the only reality possible.

Sometimes our ruts and routines become calcified because they seem safer than taking a risk and exploring new ways of thinking, making a living or being in relationship.

I asked her to remember the dreams she had for herself as a younger person, and to become crystal clear on the life she would live if she didn’t have to clock in and out every day.  We often avoid this kind of clarity, because it can be painful to realize we’re robbing ourselves of joy in exchange for what we think will bring us security.

I’m not advocating irresponsibility on a whim, I just know that in order to create the life of your dreams you have to have an idea of what it would look like.   You must be intimately familiar with what kind of life you’d lead if you had all the money you could want or need.  Then, you must carve out time in your current schedule to devote to those pursuits every single day.  Wake up early or go to bed later. Cut out time wasters like social media or television and instead devote that time to taking steps towards living your dream.

If you have no idea how to do that,  I recommend beginning with the end in mind and working backward. Break your end goal down into small steps that you can work on every day.  Your self-esteem will increase and you’ll feel more connected to your dreams if you’re actually working towards them daily.

If you do this, there will come a day in the not too distant future when you’ll be able to decide if you are ready to make the leap from your “day job” to your “dream job”. It may not happen overnight,  it may even take years, (that part is solely determined by you).  The most important thing is that you take the first step.  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr said:  “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

Disregard the perfectionistic voice in your head that says you can’t and just get going. The plan you start out with might not be the plan that ultimately gets you where you want to be, because your plans may change as you change.  It will, however, get you out of the starting gate and on the path to greater happiness.

Make a commitment to explore new ways of thinking about what’s possible for yourself.  Beliefs are just thoughts, and thoughts can be changed (as long as you are willing to make the changes). The truth is that almost anything you desire is possible. What are you willing to give of yourself in order to create the life of your dreams? I assure you,  you can create lasting and profound change in your life by devoting just minutes a day towards your goal.

What’s your dream?  What steps can you take today to begin your journey towards living the life your soul craves?  All progress starts with taking that first step. Share yours in the comments below!

If you need help getting clarity or want to clear energetic blocks and get a bird’s eye view on your life purpose, you can book an intuitive counseling session with me by clicking HERE. 

I’m with you on the journey.