Intuition is my favorite super power.  We all have it, but we don’t all use it to our benefit.  In order to help you cultivate and use this skill more consciously in your daily life, I have created a one day workshop that I’m teaching her in Los Angeles on November 16th, 2019.  Enrollment is open and space is limited, so click here to snag your spot!  INTUITION WORKSHOP

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Postcards To The Universe Show!

Join me tomorrow on Melissa Caprio’s radio show “Postcards to the Universe” on at 1PM Pacific.  We’ll be talking about how to grow your intuition in a conscious way and my upcoming intuition workshop here in Los Angeles.

We’re live on air at 1PM Pacific. Point your browser to: Wednesday, October 9th.

Hope you join us for the fun!

Morning Meditations

Hi friends. I will be sitting in meditation in the mornings, and if you’d like to join me (no matter where you are), please do!

I’ll post the mantra I’m working on on my Instagram @thisintuitivelife, and we can sit as a collective. I’ll be sitting at about 7:50AM Pacific daily.

Right now I am working with Edward Vilga’s mantra to Lakshmi/Ganesh to break through abundance challenges:

GUM (seed syllable for Ganesh)
SHRIM (seed syllable for Lakshmi)
MAHA (“great”)
LAKSHMIYEI (endearing form of “Lakshmi”)
SWAHA (“We salute you”)

There’s something very interesting thing about this particular chant.

It has been said that chanting to Lakshmi — the goddess of wealth and prosperity — is more effective when you include “Gum,” the seed syllable for Ganesh.  So Chanting “Om Gum Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha” is more powerful than just “Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha.”

Ganesh is the elephant-headed god who is the remover of obstacles.   People often forget that he also places obstacles in our path like a cosmic speedbump.

There’s a sense that Ganesh’s obstacles are increasing the abundance, that his inclusion of contrast and challenge creates even more abundance.

I’m exploring this and a binaural beats soundtrack to change up some of my old limited ways of thinking about money.

You don’t have to do this particular mantra, if it doesn’t feel right to you. You can just sit and breathe.  When we come together, we can make miracles for the collective.

Libra Season!

Librans aren’t just harmonious, balance seeking people.  While it’s true we’re preternaturally pleasant, and symmetry loving beings, we are also CARDINAL air signs.  (I have the Sun, Mercury and Uranus in Libra).

Air is powerful, fast-moving, and fierce.  Our ruling planet, Venus rules beauty and truth.  Sure, we Librans are a smooth bunch, but we’re also fiercely loyal, charismatic and engaging.  We never settle, we’re always on the hunt for the next new pursuit – guitar lessons, diving in Bora Bora, or maybe you.  (We’re big into romance. Ever been flirted with by a Libra?  If you have, you get it).  💋

We love the fall months:  apple picking, bonfires, hayrides, haunted houses, spiked cider, cozy sweaters, crisp air, beautiful leaves and Halloween.  🎃👻

Libra is the most wholesome sexy sign, (depending on the natal chart) and can even make eating a caramel apple look hot.  #truestory

Today the Sun, Moon, Mercury AND Venus are ALL in Libra! Enjoy the Venusian energy.  It’s a perfect day for loving communication, finding a fantastic piece at the flea market, or basking in some cashmere while reading a page turner on the sofa with your fur children.  We are all Libras today.

The glorious Helen Mirren (A majestic Leo Sun with Neptune and Chiron in Libra) is serving some gorgeous Libran realness in this photo. Yes?

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Ready to Grow Your Intuition?

Author and teacher Shakti Gawain said: “Why commit your time and energy to the process of developing your intuition? Quite simply because it’s probably one of the most valuable things you will ever do for yourself. It actually takes relatively little time, and the potential rewards are enormous.

Intuition is an important resource that can greatly contribute to our success and fulfillment in life. It’s a natural part of us — our birthright — and yet many of us have lost touch with it. Once we know how to follow it, intuition is a very accurate guiding force in all aspects of life. Without it, we are at a great disadvantage. It’s a practical tool that we need in order to successfully deal with life.”

It’s true. The most successful people on the planet all use their intuition consciously or unconsciously in order to connect to a deeper creative flow and ability to solve problems. Intuition shows us the best way to go to achieve our hearts desires and keep us safe; and protects us from going towards things that are harmful or dangerous.

If you’re interested in getting more in touch with your intuition, click here: INTUITION DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP


Ode to Autumn

Ahhhh… Fall.  The Autumnal Equinox is upon us and I am in my happy place.  For many people, the fall months signal the dreaded death march to the winter cold, but I welcome the fall months like a lover returning home from a year-long trip abroad.

I was born in late October, under crisp starry skies above and the crunch of colorful fallen leaves below.  Fall is the most beautiful season (to me) because it marries the bountiful harvest and the world’s descent into darkness and ultimately rebirth when we begin again.

Perhaps my deep and abiding adoration for the fall months stems from multiple (astrological) placements in Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio… I relish the late summer sun spilling over into abundance and then deepening towards darkness and the mysteries of life.  It is my provenance. There is a natural ending in everything we experience as humans, and fall is the physical embodiment of this.  We are reminded of our light and our shadow, our abundance and our decline, as we harvest the seeds we planted and then surrender what we no longer truly need.

Think back to your New Year’s resolutions; are you reaping the bounty of the goals you set?  Perhaps at the start of the year, you set the intention to live your life without perfectionism and negative self-talk, and worked hard to let go of that habit pattern.  Fall is the time you sacrifice that critical inner voice to be replaced with confidence and self-love.  Come the winter solstice, you will be born again as a powerful force of love for yourself and others.

Today I encourage you to embrace everything you’ve accomplished so far this year and celebrate your achievements. Allow yourself to feel the duality of abundance and surrender – of having and letting go at the same time.   Connect yourself to the natural world and feel the significance of your place within it.  Feel the air as it changes, and behold the trees as they explode in glorious color in preparation to release their leaves and go dormant.

The tiny spark of divinity we all possess stays lit through it all until we phoenix and begin again.

Enjoy the ride.

What is it that I *do*?

I get asked a lot about what exactly it is that I do – and I want to take this opportunity to tell y’all what your girl does.

I am a certified Psychic Intuitive, Energy Healer, Yoga and Breath Work Teacher.  I was born a psychic, empath, clairvoyant and clairaudient.  That’s just the way information naturally comes in for me.  Some people can dunk a basketball or sing like an angel, I can see what happened to you last Tuesday. 🤔😊

I’ve always preferred the term intuition because of the stigma of the word “psychic”, and have avoided labeling myself.

Back when I started my journey, my teacher Laura Day suggested auditioning for a psychic hotline, and I did!  To get hired by a hotline, you actually have to be tested to prove and demonstrate your psychic acuity and people skills.  After testing for several, I chose (and still work for) the wonderful, which is endorsed by Louise Hay.

So, what is it that I actually *DO* for people when I give a reading? I use a combination of my favorite tools: tarot, remote viewing, mediumship, clairvoyance, and predictive tools to help you see the potentials surrounding your work, finances, business, relationships, family, health, empowerment and spirituality.

During a reading session, we can zoom out and look at dynamics or go granular and drill down to timing, yes and no’s, or even find your lost passport.

Each reading I do is rooted in the desire for your highest good.  I’m just a channel to identify and clarify the energies surrounding you, so you can maximize the highest good and manage or minimize challenges.

If you’re curious about what it’s like to get a reading, pop over to my reviews page and check out what people are saying.  If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a DM or send me a message through my website. I’m here to help.






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