Meet Crisann


Who am I?

A mother, a friend, an animal lover.  An eco-minded, organic buying, wellness junkie.  I’m a yoga teacher,  empath/clairvoyant.  The woman who’s antenna picks up the messages people most want to hear.

I grew up in Chicago, where music and mirth provided the soundtrack to my life in the performing arts.  At age 20, after a heartbreaking injury sidelined my dance career, I packed my bags, my Midwestern values, and took off for parts unknown. I found my soul on a teeming Mumbai street, where Mother India planted the seeds for who I am today.

My greatest path was not to become a dancer on Broadway.  My true path emerged shortly after became  Mama to Lilly, my glorious daughter. Motherhood ignited all the latent superpowers that live in my DNA – passed down from the powerful women who’ve brought me here.  This mystical path has been mine since birth, but it wasn’t until I was split wide open that I embraced it as my birthright.

I don’t see or communicate directly with “dead people” though, I do see YOU, my clients and students.  Whether I’m teaching yoga or giving an intuitive counseling session,  your greatest potential and gifts reveal themselves to me with clarity.   My goal during each session is to help you identify challenges and blocks, and provide you with direct, actionable guidance that you can use right away to create change in your life; and to be a cheerleader that reflects all of the amazing things you already are.

I look so very forward to connecting with you – for a private yoga session, an intuitive counseling session or to fine-tune your own intuitive abilities.

I’m with you on the journey.


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