Work With Me

So, it’s time for you to get an intuitive healing session, (a.k.a.: psychic reading).

I provide clear, clean, actionable guidance. ┬áHere’s what that might look like for you:

A general overview of what you need to know right now – a birdseye view of all the potentials coming in and what they mean.

Specific yes/no and timing questions answered.

Career, financial, family and love/romantic life questions.

Clarity about any challenge you’re experiencing.

Remote healing work on emotional, mental and physical challenges.

Help tuning into your higher self and clarification on intuitive downloads that you’re getting.

Deconstruct, release and heal your self-limiting thought patterns.

Remote viewing for events like job interviews, important meetings, first dates.

Note: After you purchase your session, you’ll be taken to the information and scheduling page.


60 Minutes: $200.00
30 Minutes: $100.00

(3) 60 Minute Sessions: $375.00