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I’ve been offering my psychic insight since 2008 and I would be honored to share it with you.

During a session we can:

Get a general overview of what you need to know right now – a birdseye view of the potentials coming in for you complete with events and timing of things to look out for to maximize or minimize energies.

Ask specific yes/no and timing questions about a pertinent issue you’re dealing with.

Get advice from the Ascended Masters.

Check out career, financial, family and love/romantic life.

Get clarity on any events or challenges that you’re experiencing.

Do remote healing work on emotional, mental and physical challenges.

Find lost items.

Tune into your guides and make sense of synchronicities and intuitive downloads that you’re getting.

I look so forward to connecting with you and working together.

Breathe deeply,  get comfortable and give me a call. The bright future you wish for is in your hands, and I am standing by, ready to show you the way!


60 Minutes: $176.00
45 Minutes: $ 132.00
30 Minutes: $ 88.00
15 Minutes: $ 44.00
One Issue Email Reading: $ 44.00
5 One Hour Sessions: $725.00

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