Anything is possible.

I spent Thanksgiving Day with my found family, a group of dear friends who gather together to enjoy each other and delicious food, song and camaraderie. This year, I was asked to bring my tarot deck and give some guidance to my friends for the coming year.

I love the deep wisdom that emerges from the stories that are woven in every tarot spread I lay out;  the patterns are powerfully endowed with exactly the right information to provide clarity to the querent.

I noticed a very interesting pattern in each of the readings I did on Thanksgiving, and while I could chalk it up to the fact that the folks I was reading were both friends and family, and therefore spend a lot of time together, I think the pattern I noticed is actually a reflection of the human zeitgeist, and the fact that we’re entering a new decade.

In every reading I gave, the Death card appeared.  Those of you fond of catharsis, or with  prominent Pluto placements in your natal chart may share my love of the Death card and all the change it brings. (I have a stellium in Scorpio – you do the math!)  While it would be easy to write off the Death card as scary and unwanted, I welcome it’s appearance in readings. The dark, skeletal figure carries a white rose that, to me, is a harbinger of hope; a symbol of a permanent transition to a new state.  It brings the unknown to our door with untold gifts, that we get the opportunity to define and explore.

When nothing is known, anything is possible.  The death card can mean that outside forces initiate great change – internally or externally.  Perhaps you will be moved to shift your thoughts about what’s truly important to you, about your belongings, relationships, and ways of being.  Perhaps it brings the end of a situation that no longer meets your needs or inspires your growth.  The force of death is inevitable, and we benefit by embracing it and riding the change.

It can also be the perfect reminder to BE HERE NOW, staying present to the moment we are living. It’s the true meaning of dying to the past in order to be who we are right now.

As we end this decade amidst the uncertainty of all that’s happening in the world, take heart; change is coming and we get to hold a vision for our next steps in our minds, personally and as a collective.  Will you focus on the chaos, or will you take a moment to ground yourself and set your sights on the highest good?  Anything is possible.