Week of June 15th


The resolution of an argument or misunderstanding is near. Everyone involved in the situation is ready to forgive and forget. Be open to seeing the other person’s point of view; this will help soften any hard feelings. As you allow compassion to enter into your thoughts and actions about the situation, love’s healing power helps everyone’s needs to be met harmoniously. Accept an apology, see the humor in the situation and let compassion guide you towards the highest good for all involved.


You’ve given a lot of yourself lately, and now it’s time to give back to yourself. Take good care of your body through sleep, detoxification, and exercise and take care of your needs the same way you’d take care of others. To have more energy, abundance, peace, purpose, and all you desire, nurture yourself. Balance giving to others with receiving for yourself, honor your inner voice. Allow yourself to rest.


As a sensitive and aware person, you’ve absorbed some discordant energy from other people, and it’s time to clear and shield yourself. You can also clear and elevate the energies in other people, your home, or your workspace with crystals, sage, or by calling in Archangel Michael. Wearing or carrying crystals can help to buffer harsh energy situations as well. Stay clear of harsh or toxic substances, environments, and relationships. Keep your thoughts as positive as you can to keep your energy clear and clean, and eliminate clutter to clear the energy in your home or office.


It’s time for you to go away from a toxic situation or toward something desirable. It’s time to make your move; conditions are ripe and perfect — the Universe will back you and support you. Quit your job, leave a toxic relationship, move to a new location, start a new project, take a vacation (or a staycation!). Start to take better care of yourself physically, spiritually, and emotionally. The time is now.


You’ll hear your divine guidance better by slowing down, getting quiet, and listening. Shut out life noise like TV, smartphones, and social media. Get centered in a quiet place and listen to your breath and the rhythm of your heart. Then ask questions of your guides and your higher self. Listen to your inner truths as you feel them in your heart, body, and mind. Trust your intuition and use it to take appropriate action. Admit your feelings to yourself.


The guides are showing you being in or wanting to have a relationship with a soul mate or Twin Flame. To cultivate this kind of partnership, you must follow your inner guidance, embrace your personal growth, and have faith in divine timing. Once twin flames find one another, everything in their lives reaches new heights of love and light. Keep your heart open, stay positive, and follow your guidance to manifest your prayers about your love life.


Your artistic talents demand creative expression! You have hidden talents that lie dormant, and this trapped energy can make you feel restless and anxious. Even if your abilities are unpolished, they need an outlet. Make time to draw, paint, sing, play music, write, take photographs, make jewelry, sew, dance, or cook! Express your true feelings. Your life’s purpose may involve being an artist and expressing yourself creatively.


You have the power to resolve a situation that’s weighing on you. You have untapped magical abilities that you’ve used successfully in the past. (Remember?) Pull these abilities out of storage and use them to work your magic now. Your clear and focused intentions, positive expectations, prayers, decrees, and action steps all create the healings and manifestations you desire. Have faith in a positive outcome.


A sign of healing is here for you now. Your divine healing power has awakened, and you feel compelled to help others heal. You want others to experience and enjoy the same health, vitality, and abundance, you have found and created for yourself. Let go of fear or restrictive thinking and open up to all the possibilities. A long term illness or injury is healing. It’s an excellent time to study healing modalities or to shift into a healing career. You are now deeply connected to the power of healing and its ability to clear energy.


You’ve attracted certain people or situations because they mirror your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. You’ve shifted in your belief system, calling new and more aligned energies into your life. Simultaneously, you are letting go of energies that no longer resonate with your spiritual path. Everything and everyone you draw into your life vibrate with your thought patterns. If you want to change what you attract, hold more positive, loving, and joyful thoughts. Visualize and affirm only what you desire.


Through persistent action and positive thinking, your dreams are manifesting into form. Stay in persistent mode and give any discouragement or lack mentality to the creator/universe/goddess. Your guides are doing their part to lift and buoy your faith and give you signs of progress on your path. You’re almost there, so keep going. If a goal feels too big, break it down into smaller steps so that you can get it done without feeling overwhelmed, and you can feel the happiness of your accomplishments with each action you take. Commit to your dreams for the long haul.


Walk away from restrictions and be free! You hold the key. You have the power and the right to change your life so that you experience more freedom. Take a break from your regular activity to get clear about your desires and available options. The Universe will support you in your passion for expansion, creativity, and freedom. It’s time to leave a situation that you’ve outgrown. Question the validity of any rules you’ve imposed on yourself and be assertive. Say no to anyone who’s overstepping your boundaries.

Week of June 8th

Greetings my lovelies – here’s what’s on the cards for you this week! Enjoy!

Aries: Six of Swords

You are about to walk through a gateway that takes you away from your problems. The move may be a literal one, to a new living space or office, or a spiritual journey that plays out on a personal level. Either way, it represents a turning point. Your situation improves. You’ve made decisions that are now pushing you in a new direction. The future is still unknown, but you’re moving toward it with hope in your heart. During this transition, help comes from unexpected sources. 

Taurus: Ace of Wands

Think new: creative beginnings, the birth of an idea, a raise or promotion, or a new job, new challenges, the start of a new enterprise. If you’re looking for a signal that you should proceed with whatever has sparked your interest, THIS IS IT! For some of you, this means, pregnancy or the birth of a child. For some of you, it means there is good news about a business venture, a contract a manuscript being sold, or an advance payment being received. For some of you, a new love – the chemistry is immediate and powerful. Spiritual rebirth is taking place. Follow your impulses, they will delight and astound you.

Gemini: Queen of Swords

You know how to cut through extraneous information and get right to the heart of the matter. You know when someone isn’t telling you the truth. Things haven’t been easy lately. You may have had to defend your position and fight for what’s yours. You’re independent with your own ideas and values, and you don’t entertain foolishness. What situations or relationships are you hanging on to that need to be released? Identifying and dealing with them is incredibly healing. Having overcome many difficulties, you can face the future with a deeper understanding of who you are and where you’re going. Well done, you. 

Cancer: Page of Swords

There is an opportunity for growth that comes in the guise of a problem or a dilemma. You may be tempted not to take it seriously or to avoid it entirely, but you are being urged to embrace it. Think of any difficulty as a challenge to test your mettle. When you accept and prevail, you become stronger and more resilient. If you’ve been working non-stop – take a long weekend to do what you love best. You’ll return with a fresh perspective and renewed energy. You may be e-stalking someone, or being e-stalked. You are a powerful thinker with keen insight into the human condition.  

Leo: King of Wands

An older man inspires you, pushes you to excel, and wants you to use your full potential. He encourages and supports your dream. Or YOU have this energy, and you are lifting someone in your inner circle. Innovative ideas flood in and improve your financial situation. Orders increase, people want your services. Stay open to the possibilities and opportunities that seem to come to you out of nowhere. Follow your impulses and pay attention to synchronicities. Your confidence is propelling you forward. Ride the wave.

Virgo: Judgement

Release the past and start fresh. Happiness doesn’t lie outside yourself. Take an honest look at how you have used (or misused) your opportunities, and then envision your future as you wish it to be. Once you do this, your life will change for the better. The ideas that you hold firmly in your consciousness will appear in your physical reality. Everything you’ve been working on is put to the test. Your project gets a green light, your customers multiply, your dream unfolds. You’re in the driver’s seat. 

Libra: Six of Cups

You may dust off some skills and abilities that you haven’t used in a long time. A missed opportunity needs to be reconsidered, and your past efforts bring future rewards.  Are you dwelling on past glory? Rethink your current situation and see the gifts it holds. Once you begin to believe your best years are behind you – that will become your reality. There are answers in forgotten skills, old dreams, and unlived fantasies. A former lover or school chum might turn up on your doorstep. You may receive royalties or win an award for your past efforts. Face forward, but appreciate where you’ve come from. 

Scorpio: Knight of Cups

A new kind of experience moves into your life that lifts your spirit and stirs your compassion. It will change your ideas about what is possible. Your tensions and loneliness ease as you find an emotional balance that has been absent recently. Approach your responsibilities and projects with intuition and watch how it all improves. You may experience sudden bursts of attention, flirtations, and romantic interludes or begin a new relationship. If you’re involved, you’ll get closer to your significant other. You delve into your deepest beliefs and emotions and reach a new understanding of how they create what you experience.

Sagittarius: Seven of Pentacles

Take stock. Evaluate your achievements and trust that the projects you’ve set into motion can now move forward under their own momentum. Having taken an honest look at what you need and desire, you’re accessing profound awareness levels. You have what it takes. Your hard work is about to pay off financially. Take time to feel pride and fulfillment and reflect on everything you’ve accomplished as it relates to where you ultimately want to go. Life unfolds from the inside out, and you are living proof of this fact. Take a little time out before you charge forward to your next project, you deserve it.  

Capricorn: Seven of Swords

Don’t allow others to take advantage of you, state your convictions, and don’t be browbeaten into doing things you don’t want to do. Play your cards close to the chest, and take steps to protect yourself. Somebody might be trying to pull a fast one in your life, but you will remain prudent and evasive. Sit pretty, and rely on your intellect and diplomacy. Nothing is accomplished with aggression. You’re going to take the sting out of the opposition by keeping your strategy secret until you’re ready to do battle. You’ll get what you need, even if you have to get it by going through the side door. Vibe serene and in control, because you are.

Aquarius: King of Swords

You have a talent for cutting right through anything you perceive as unnecessary or illogical, and now is the time to move away from old ideas and beliefs that have outlived their purpose. In chaotic situations, you see right through the confusion and provide the clarity needed for everyone involved to move forward. Other people often seek you out because of your eloquence and insight. Always truthful, your superpower is handling any situation honestly, fairly and honorably. You live by the highest ethical standards, and you inspire those around you to do the same. Look directly at any prosperity blocks – they will dissolve, and your abundance flow will resume.

Pisces: Eight of Cups

You’re starting on a personal journey of discovery searching for deeper meaning with a focus on what’s most important to you. You’ve realized that the current cycle is over, and you’re ready to let go and move on to happier times. Moving on can mean a physical change, such as leaving a job, location, or relationship. It can also mean a fundamental shift – releasing old patterns, especially those that have dominated our thoughts and emotions. In stillness or meditation, you forge a new link with your higher self, following your inner voice towards new horizons.

Week of May 25th

Aries: Chariot/Fool

You are charging forward towards a fresh start and new beginnings. Your journey may be one of self-discovery, motivated by a burning desire to succeed. You’re creating your destiny through your actions, and it is time to prove your abilities. A project you’ve been working on reaches fruition, you smash through obstacles with sheer bravado and will. You may be taking risks that shock the people who know you best, but you plunge forward with the knowledge that all things are possible if you trust your instincts. Your quest is underway.

Taurus: Seven of Pentacles Reversed – Ace of Pentacles

You’ve worked hard to lay foundations to reach a goal and could be feeling like the project or relationship isn’t progressing or growing as fast as you would like. It can be hard to pour your heart and soul into something with no guarantees. Rest assured, positive rewards for all of your hard work are coming to you now. Don’t be afraid of the risks, the timing is right! Everything you have invested will return to you multiplied. You are finding a long-sought solution to a troubling problem. You absolutely have the power to manifest your plans, ideas, and dreams.

Gemini: Eight of Pentacles Reversed – The World

You have been highly disciplined when it comes to understanding your inner beliefs and behaviors and have dedicated yourself to being the best version of yourself. While there may be a tendency to be too hard on yourself, and rigidly adhering to standards of perfection, your dedication to betterment is impressive. You’re reaching a deep understanding of the issues that concern you, and a sense that everything in life starts within and radiates outward. Your most private beliefs create the reality that you live. Now is the time to free yourself from restriction. Expand your horizons.

Cancer: Strength – Two of Swords

Strength comes to you by harmonizing opposing forces. Instead of fighting an external beast, you tame it inside yourself. You have the innate ability to deal with whatever life brings, so draw on it to overcome the obstacles on your path. Use it to make the decision you are now avoiding. You’re immobilized by your own fear and caught in a place that seems to have no reasonable course of action. Dig into your strength and act swiftly. Doing so will turn the situation in your favor. You can regain your mental balance and sense of peace, and you will. Breathing, meditation, and practices like Tai Chi will help you move off dead center and allow the energy room to circulate. Take heart – this standstill is temporary.

Leo: Knight of Wands – Queen of Pentacles

You find what you’re looking for before you even know you’re looking. You’re on the move, actively searching for your path, the challenge lies in incorporating what you learn into all aspects of your life. You can no longer pigeonhole or hide your beliefs; it’s time to step into who you really are. You’re looking and moving forward with practical, tangible solutions. You don’t question what seems to be a very fortuitous uptick in your ability to create abundance for yourself. Your reason and intuition work beautifully together, everything seems to be clicking into place. Empowerment is yours.

Virgo: Hermit – Ten of cups

The period of solitude you’ve been in is nearing completion. Take a step back, reexamine your situation. You’ve traversed the deeper levels of your psyche, mined the wisdom of your higher self, and have found the answers. You’re solving your problems and completing your projects. Even with this increased awareness, you realize you don’t have all the answers, and that’s okay. Your refreshed outlook is bringing you towards a dearly held goal. Permanent and enduring success, complete happiness, emotional harmony, and prosperity are the rewards for all the hard work you’ve done on your soul path. You’ve arrived at a new level of fulfillment and security. Gratitude is your superpower.

Libra: King of Swords – Two of Pentacles

You are being put on notice that it’s time to cut away from beliefs that have outlived their purpose. However, be fair and logical when making decisions that affect other people. You may rely too much on your intellect, listen to your intuition also. In true Libra fashion, you’re striking a balance in your life with the cheer and enthusiasm of a juggler in a vaudeville act. There is hidden magic in the way you maintain equilibrium. You may be balancing a variety of projects or harmonizing your outer material growth with your inner spiritual development. Avoid spreading yourself too thin. Narrow your choices to maintain your balance. Versatility is your greatest strength.

Scorpio: Ten of Wands – The Fool

You’ve assumed so much responsibility you feel burdened. You can certainly handle what you’ve taken on, but if it proves to be too much because of your other commitments, don’t hesitate to release it. Many of the burdens you carry are self-imposed. Make time to relax and enjoy life, and refuse to let real or imagined responsibilities overshadow your joy. Let go of some of it and start fresh. A glorious adventure awaits you if you trust your instincts instead of your inner taskmaster. New financial opportunities are set to appear in your life, expect an increase. Allow yourself to have perfect faith that no matter what happens, it’s going to be okay.

Sagittarius: Five of Swords – Nine of Pentacles

An empty victory is at hand. You win, but was it worth the effort? Is this what you really want? Examine your motives and ask yourself if you secretly wanted to lose in this situation. There is a lifting of restrictions, a breaking of bonds available for you – but you have to take some definitive action, don’t expect to have your freedom handed to you on a silver platter. You’re in for a struggle, and you will get little help or compassion from others. Instead, become your own best friend. You will undergo a change in consciousness that leads you to a higher understanding of all you have to be grateful for.

Capricorn: King of Wands – Ace of Wands

Innovation and originality allow your inspirations to take physical form. You roll your sleeves up, step in, and take the lead when it presents itself. Others follow you when you show the way with your aggressive pursuit of goals and self-confidence. Your vision, courage, and convictions lead to vast improvements,  increased demand for your services.  You have hooked into the prosperity loop. Boundless energy, fiery enthusiasm, optimism drive your pursuits. A new chapter begins. A rebirth of spirit takes place. You broaden your worldview and expand your ideas of what’s possible. Seize the opportunity to follow your impulses.

Aquarius: Wheel of Fortune – The Star

You don’t have to remain locked in place. Embrace the risk, take the plunge, and luck rides with you. Once you’ve set everything into motion, the Universe responds quickly to your desires. Revolutionize your lifestyle and bring it more into line with who you are or who you want to be. When you do, you open yourself to the beginning of a new cycle. One where you are doing what you were born to do. Doors open, new opportunities in love, career, and finances seem to fly in from out of nowhere. All areas of your life improve significantly, mainly because you’ve allowed yourself to link to a higher plane. Share your wisdom with compassion, you’re helping others find the light.

Pisces: Seven of Swords – Three of Pentacles

Mistrust and unnecessary secrecy are more likely to lead to isolation than security. Even though it’s good to guard against underhanded people, suspicion can lead to paranoia if taken too far. You would love to get closer to someone, but your lack of trust keeps him or her at a distance. You sidestep honest discussion and then wonder why the relationship keeps stalling. To the other person, it’s clear your hiding your true feelings. Stop beating around the bush. Lasting happiness and new realms of intimacy and loyalty await once you resolve past problems. You have the chance to create something beautiful and enduring.












How to Survive Retrograde Season


Most people see Pluto retrograde as deep and dark, but it’s a revitalizing force that brings us face to face with transformation – especially with any underlying, unprocessed trauma – or imbalanced power dynamics. Venus is making us all face our feelings, Saturn is socio-political and issues of cultural and social expectations overriding individual needs and desires (hi mask protesters) and more zeitgeist-y and Jupiter conjunct Pluto makes a harmonious trine aspect to the Sun which brings growth, good fortune, and happiness. I am ALL about this transit. It’s causing so much goodness. Even though it feels intense. Be gentle with yourself and embrace the change.






Week of May 18th


You are intellectual, analytical, articulate, just, and ethical, or you are being called to adopt these qualities. You stand firm in your truth and express yourself with deep conviction. As a result, others pay attention to what you have to say. You’re put on notice that it may be time to cut away from old ideas that have outlived their purpose. However, be fair and logical when making decisions that affect other people. You may be dealing with lawyers, physicians, judges, or the legal system in general. 


Expect structures that have kept you imprisoned to break apart. Sudden, unexpected life changes that seem to crash into your life from out of nowhere are actually patterns that you have set into motion because of an inner urge to break free. If you feel you’re stuck in a rut spiritually, romantically, financially, or in your career, this influence will sweep your life clean and afford you a fresh start. The changes can be painful or simply just require you to have faith, the choice is yours.


Are you passing up current and future chances for success because you prefer to dwell on past glory? If memories of being BMOC or a high school cheerleader fill you with nostalgia, rethink your current situation. If you believe that your best days are behind you, that will become your reality. Instead, use the wishes and dreams of your childhood to inspire your creative work. This retrograde season, revive, recycle, and reuse. You will find new answers in forgotten skills, old dreams, and unlived fantasies.


You’ve reached the fork in the road and don’t know which path to take. There’s something about the situation that you refuse to see, causing paralysis and procrastination. Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away, the time has come to choose. If there seems to be no reasonable course of action available, call in an unbiased third party to help resolve the issue. If you act swiftly and decisively, you can turn the situation to your advantage.



Transition, transformation, rebirth, and permanent change is here for you, and it will revitalize your life by sweeping away the old to make way for the new. This is a permanent change, and it’s not optional. If you have been avoiding change and clinging to old situations no matter what the cost, expect a complete turnaround. You may lose the job you dislike or end the relationship(s) that you’ve outgrown, and it might be painful, but the rewards make enduring the pain worth it. Release anything that no longer serves your highest good.



After leaving a bad situation in the past, you are rocketing forward towards your goals. Like Indiana Jones, you succeed through a combination of self-discipline, bravado, and sheer willpower. You may take a journey of self-discovery – either spiritually or an actual trip by car. You are in the driver’s seat, and you create your own destiny through your actions. A new vehicle or a move to another house or apartment in your same general area are possibilities. Through focused effort, you achieve your goals.



There will be a conclusion that ends a period of stagnation and delay. Your plans are nearing completion, good news is headed your way. It’s time to broaden your horizons. Try out new ideas, begin new projects and do your business in a new and innovative way. Your quick response to information that comes in will result in life-transforming experiences. Your open communication and complete honesty enhance all personal relationships. Everything will happen fast. One moment you’re a skeptic, and the next, you’re immersed in an experience that seems to slam into your life from out of nowhere.  It will light you up from the inside out.



A celebration is put on hold, and there is a delay in the purchase of land or a home. You want to move in with your partner, but you can’t due to circumstances that are out of your control. If you doubted yourself in the past or struggled with self-acceptance or empathy, you are finding a sense of balance within yourself. You now know who you are and why you’re here, you connect deeply to yourself and your inner being. That will help you go through any changes that come up now. Changing jobs, moving house, or leaving a relationship are all potentials right now. Any transition that presents itself is one you need to make. Embrace it all.



“I’m fine. It’s fine, everything is fine.” It’s NOT fine, even though you may be trying to trick yourself into believing it is. It’s time to get real and confront your situation head-on. If you have a secret you don’t want to be revealed, it’s time to forgive yourself and confide in someone you trust. The stress and tension from keeping this secret are causing you unnecessary guilt and shame. Let it go, and you will feel lighter, I promise! The release will make you feel better. Any time your fear starts talking, get out of your head, and trust that you have everything you need. Have faith in yourself.



An opportunity for growth is coming your way disguised as a problem or dilemma. These kinds of challenges may not be your favorites. In fact, your instinct may be to detach from the problem instead of solving it. You need to attend to the broader issues in your life and embrace these problematic situations. They’re just trials designed to test you and help you evolve. When you accept the challenges, you will become stronger and more resilient. Honesty, reason, integrity and fortitude are the most helpful tools to use to get on track. If you are e-stalking someone, ask yourself why, and stop, because it’s more harmful than helpful.



Promising encounters loom on the horizon and synchronicities are regular occurrences in your life now. You are linked to a higher plane, a more evolved vibration. Inner conflict and indecision are resolved. You may even be experiencing lucid dreams and a surge in your intuitive abilities. Your life achieves a wholeness, balance, and unity, and everything is working the way it should. What you’re starting or planning today will reach far into the future. You’re on the right track. Your plans are about to bear fruit, your dream job lands in your lap, and you’re solidly on your way to achieving your highest potential. Everything works out better than expected.



A new idea or breakthrough is emerging, and you’re still exploring what it means and how best to bring it into your reality. You’re seeking clarity about whether it’s something you wish to pursue more fully in the world and trying to determine whether it can pan out the way you want it to. Give yourself ample time and space to explore, meditate and get clarity before telling others about it. Alternatively, you may have also realized that an idea that you had is not coming to fruition in the way you’d hoped. You need to stop pursuing something that no longer has meaning to you. Get clarity on what you really want in life and set realistic goals to achieve it.

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Week of May 11th

Aries: Death/Four of Swords

You are tying up loose ends, taking care of unfinished business, and closing one door to open another. You’re putting the past behind you. Permanent, positive transformation occurs as you release situations and relationships that no longer serve your purpose. You will become who you really are, rather than who you think you “should” be. First, take a break, review where you are, consolidate your inner resources, and prepare. Focus your power and allow it to tap into the healing energies and restorative capabilities of the universe.

Taurus: Knight of Cups/Emperor

By taking the path with heart, a new country of the spirit opens up. Your dreams and intuition provide direction and answer your questions. Be alert for synchronicities, and for just a day, attempt to interpret the experiences of your waking life as though they were a part of a dream. Give yourself the security and comfort you need to achieve this by coordinating a plan to guide your own growth. Set the tone, provide the shape and the form that will allow you to delve into your deepest beliefs and emotions to reach an understanding about how they create what you experience.

Gemini: Ten of Swords/Strength

You experience the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. This is connected to the ego’s release of an idea to which it has been attached. You may experience a sense of relief as one portion of your inner struggle comes to an end, and you have no choice but to let go. You have the innate ability to deal with whatever life brings. Listen to your intuition and call on your inner knowing to manifest what you want.

Cancer: King of Pentacles, Queen of Wands

Prosperity is here, now. Evaluate what you need to feel emotionally fulfilled and go after it with the same relentless energy that has propelled you to material abundance. You’re building on past achievements to pursue new goals and dreams. Unexpected validation comes from an influential or powerful person. You possess the energy and enthusiasm to create the life you desire. Follow your hunches about what direction to take.

Leo: Ace of Swords, Two of Wands

You cut through illusion in the search for understanding, using your intellect to pierce the veil of the material universe to uncover spiritual truths. You overcome obstacles by applying your willpower and intelligence to problem-solving. Success is imminent. You know what you’re capable of and what needs to be done – you realize you’re moving in the right direction and that your investment of time, money, ideas are about to pay off. You hold the secret to your own growth, open yourself to all possibilities.

Virgo: Five of Swords/Judgement

An empty victory is at hand. You win, but was it worth the effort? Is this really what you want? Examine your motives, and ask yourself if you secretly wanted to lose in this situation. Use your energy in the pursuit of a higher cause, but be careful not to get sucked into social justice warrior territory. You don’t need to shove the “truth” down everyone’s throat. Unlike most, you’ve learned how to integrate your everyday awareness with your higher consciousness. You have already, or are now waking up and realizing your real work and path in life. Go with this change of direction. Go towards the new, better life that you’ve created.

Libra: The Star/The Hermit

A new cycle of balance, harmony, calm, renewal, and healing is at hand. Your persistence and hard work are paying off big time. Everything works the way it should, in part because you’re linked to a higher plane, a more evolved vibration. Give of yourself with compassion through service. In doing so, you help others find the light. You teach, enlighten, and empower others, even though you realize you don’t have all the answers yourself. Keep listening with your inner ear for your truths to surface.

Scorpio: The Hanged Man/Eight of Pentacles

Think transition, postponed plans, and life in suspension. Adjust your POV, reverse your established order of doing things, and do a one-eighty in how you perceive something. The decision you’re waiting for is delayed. Events in your life are forcing you to look within – and in doing so, you realize that the inner reality creates the outer reality. One is the direct reflection of the other. Because you understand that your point of power lies in the present, you delve into the process and turn a talent, hobby, or interest into a new career. Practice the zen of day to day living with renewed enthusiasm.

Sagittarius: Page of Cups/The Star

Think expansion, new beginnings, creative and spiritual development, and the intuitive whisper that nudges you in the right direction at the right time. You may even pluck a book off your shelf that just happens to provide you with precisely the information you need. All things now seem possible. There is a new cycle of calm, renewal, and healing beginning for you and reward for all of your hard work and persistence. You’re on the right track, your plans are about to bear fruit. Promising encounters loom on the horizon, and synchronicities run rampant. What you thought was impossible now becomes possible.

Capricorn: Ten of Swords/Queen of Wands

You’re facing forced change and the final resolution of a situation or the dramatic end of a cycle. You give up on a lost cause and get on with the real purpose of your life. Ultimately, you feel relieved, accept the inevitable, and move forward. The good news is that the struggle is over, and you will now move into a place of renewal and healing. Your life now focuses on your work and spiritual beliefs. You’re filled with new ideas and possess the energy and skill to create the life you desire. Follow your hunches about the direction you should take.

Aquarius: Six of Wands/Judgement

With a combination of persistence, intelligence, and clear vision, you achieve a cherished dream. Despite problems or delays, you win. You get vindication, recognition, or reward for your hard work. You earned it through your drive, ambition, desire, and belief in your own abilities. Enjoy. You can manifest it again and again. You have awakened to your path in life. You’ve learned some incredibly valuable spiritual lessons, and now you’re putting them to practical use. A pending decision results in a green light for a project you’ve nurtured. Your dream unfolds, you are in the driver’s seat.

Pisces: Death/Emperor

Think transition, transformation, rebirth, and permanent change that sweeps away the old to make way for the new. This change is required. If you don’t change willingly, something will slam into your life that forces you to change. Then, like the phoenix you will rise, reborn from the ashes of your old life. Don’t cling to situations, no matter the cost. Release. Let go. When you do, the thing you desire will start to appear in your life. Every obstacle is a challenge. Through visualization and affirmation, make your intention clear to the universe.  The universe will respond in kind. The more focused your intent, the faster the manifestation. You can create the conditions conducive to realizing your heart’s desire.


Tarot Scopes

TarotScopes are channeled messages for the collective using the wisdom of the tarot. They are valid and relevant for anyone, anywhere, anytime. They don’t have to be date or sun sign specific – check your Rising and Moon sign, too! If it resonates with you – have fun with it! Run with it.

The scopes shed light on your present circumstances and future events. My goal in writing them for you is to provide pragmatic, magical and uplifting guidance to help you understand the energies at play.

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I’m with you on the journey.




Balancing Dreams and Expectations

Balancing our dreams with our expectations of reality will end our manifesting journey before it even gets underway.

“I’d love to start my own business, but I could never afford to live without a steady paycheck…”
“I’m ready to welcome in a partner, but as a 51-year-old single parent, the dating pool is non-existent.”
“I wanted it so much, but I walked away because I knew itwasn’t going to happen.”

Are you seeing the same pattern I’m seeing? When someone tells me they cannot achieve a dearly held goal, I love taking the opportunity to smash that narrative and show them they CAN have what they want. Resistance is tricky but can be nipped in the bud.

We all juggle the different sides of ourselves, in an attempt to harmonize our spiritual selves with our material growth and worldly status. Sometimes we wobble around like a tight rope walker about to fall. The key to equilibrium is to embrace the idea that our minds, bodies, emotions, and spirits are intimately connected. What affects one affects the others.

When we’re faced with challenges, our ego minds often work overtime to convince us that the impending doom and disaster we imagine is real. That we will fall from our tight rope balancing act and meet an untimely demise. The truth is that the fear (sorrow/disappointment/shame/disillusion) dominating our thoughts will dissipate when we acknowledge and deconstruct it.

To limit ourselves by thinking that we can only wish for what history has shown us is possible, is rubbish. The antidote is to develop a sense of pronoia: the idea that the universe is conspiring to shower us with blessings.

When Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote: “Once you make a decision the universe conspires to make it happen,” he was invoking a basic tenet of the law of attraction. That small shift can make enormous waves of change if only we have the faith that what we need will be provided before we need it. I would like to add that we must also be careful about what we wish for. We can manifest the negative or positive and should choose our thoughts mindfully. Thoughts create real things!

When we find the right balance between the spiritual and material, we can blend our conscious and unconscious power. Listening to our intuition and inner knowing helps us manifest whatever we want. Pivot away from limited thinking and know that you can manifest your plans if you permit yourself to believe that anything is possible.

If you’re struggling and would like me to be your cosmic cheerleader, find me for a personal reading over at 12Listen. I’m here to help. I look forward to connecting with you.

As always, I’m with you on the journey.

Tarot Scopes Week of 4/27/20

TarotScopes are channeled messages for the collective using the archetypal wisdom of the tarot. They are valid and relevant for anyone, anywhere, anytime. They don’t even have to be date or sun sign specific – check your Rising and Moon sign, too! If it resonates with you – have fun with it! Run with it.

The scopes shed light on your present circumstances and future events. My goal in writing them for you is to provide pragmatic, magical and uplifting guidance to help you understand the energies at play.

Is it time for a personal reading? Together we can shift what’s stuck, gain clarity and help you create a life you love. To book a session, click the link in my bio.

I’m with you on the journey.



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Tarot Scopes 4/20 – 4/26


TarotScopes are channeled messages for the collective using the archetypal wisdom of the tarot.  They are valid and relevant for anyone, anywhere, anytime. They don’t even have to be date or sun sign specific – check your Rising and Moon sign, too! If it resonates with you – have fun with it! Run with it.

The scopes shed light on your present circumstances and future events. My goal in writing them for you is to provide pragmatic, magical and uplifting guidance to help you understand the energies at play.

Is it time for a personal reading? Together we can shift what’s stuck, gain clarity and help you create a life you love.  To book a session, click the link in my bio.

I’m with you on the journey.