“The end is not when things are done, it’s when they change into something new.” 

This isn’t a new idea, but it happened to be the perfect piece of information to influence my awareness at the exact moment I read it.  I’m always collecting bits of information where they meet me, in order to inform my personal sense of balance in the world.  Mind you, I’m not allowing my personal center to be swayed by outside influences, but I am adjusting my balance depending on the energies that surround me.

The idea that change is always happening and cultivating a solid core to navigate change with has been on my mind this week. The past eight days have been a whirlwind of peak career and personal highs, devastating loss and the uncertainty of the unknown.

Here is a little glimpse into the energetic weather in my life from last week:  I taught a fantastic intuition workshop to a group of wonderful people, (which was the culmination of months of hard work); I connected to and solidified a business partnership and several new friendships, attended the funeral of a friend, hung out with a few famous folks at a swanky Hollywood party, learned of the death of another lifelong friend, and on top of it all, am prepping to move house.  To say that it feels overwhelming is an understatement.

At my core, I’m absolutely okay.  I’m doing the tight rope walk of the Two of Pentacles, spinning my plates and not looking down, because finally,  I have stepped into the comfort of knowing that everything I need will be provided for in exactly the right moment.  The resources, comfort, clarity and connections I need to carry on will be provided as long as I am in tune enough with myself and life to recognize them when they arrive.

As the quote above says, endings are transformations.  We can embrace the freedom of change instead of clinging to the old and familiar in an effort to keep ourselves safe.  Change isn’t going to stop, so instead of getting dragged behind it’s inevitable occurrence, why not welcome it as a part of the natural order of things?

I acknowledge that losing a loved one is a profound change and that this post is not intended to address that kind of grief.  To try to do that here would be a disservice.  My aim is to explore the idea that change is ever present and can be more positive than we are conditioned to believe.

I know I write about letting go of the things that don’t serve our highest good pretty often, and this past week with the Libra full moon and the Sun in Taurus conjunct Uranus is the perfect environment to explore that deeply. 

What worn out ideas and dynamics can we let go of in order to flow more effortlessly in life? What ideas and attitudes can we embrace this week in order to live in tune with what comes and goes?  Can you stop fighting the “what is” and embrace it, knowing full well that we hold the key to our daily realities?

If I can help you see what’s coming in, and navigate it, please book a personal reading here: .  I would love to offer you some loving support to embrace the changes that are coming your way.

Always with you on the journey,