Cleanse and Clear with the Waning Moon

Cleanse and clear, the moon whispers to let go of your pain and fears. The time has come to go within, reflect and learn from where you’ve been. The sky is growing darker each passing night, inviting you to tend to your own inner light. Trust in the Divine and set yourself free, so mote it be…so mote it be.

This weekend brings with it a wonderful opportunity to clean, clear and release anything you don’t want to bring into the new year and new decade with you.

On Saturday, December 21 at 8:16 PST (in the Northern Hemisphere), we celebrate the winter solstice, the longest night of the year, under a waning crescent moon in Libra. You may desire peace and harmony at the expense of being your authentic self; don’t bite your tongue at the expense of sharing your true feelings.

The moon travels into the deep, emotional waters of Scorpio on December 22nd and 23rd and though you might have some depth fatigue from our too long trip through Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio last month, it’s a really good time to dive into your feelings. What doesn’t work will become painfully obvious and you may be moved to make some (overdue) changes.  Shallow relationships will no longer be satisfying and you’ll resolve to go deeper in connection or make an exit.

It’s a wonderful energy to maximize if you have been seeking more meaningful connections and work within your community.  It will also make streamlining your wardrobe, home and life seem like a moral imperative.   Release, recycle, revolutionize.

As the moon heads right into Sagittarius on the 24th, it brings with it the desire to seek out a quest, a mission or deeper meaning for our lives.  Now that we’ve identified what needs to go, we can fill the void with what feels purpose driven, hopeful and optimistic.  Excellent energy if you have to go find some last minute gifts, but be mindful, or you could find yourself in some trouble.  The good news is that, if you do overspend or get into a fender bender, it will all work out.  Just take a moment to feel the feet in your shoes before zooming off into the hustle and bustle.

Boxing Day, the 26th brings us the New Moon (which actually starts late on the 25th) in Capricorn and a Solar Eclipse.  Not only do solar eclipses bring exciting breakthroughs and beginnings, they open doors to us that were previously locked.  Expect good news, and to be put on the right path, if you’re not already. This energy is more effective for allowing rather than trying to manifest or force things to happen. Stay open to possibilities – you may be pleasantly surprised.

This new moon takes place in Capricorn, just a couple days after Capricorn’s sun season begins. It bookends the Capricorn new moon that happened in January 2019, and as a Libra, I love the symmetry of this. We will all be feeling the Capricorn-heavy energy of hard work, ambition, and desire to create stable plans. Capricorn energy is one that will be with us significantly throughout 2020 because Jupiter, the planet of fortune moved in on December 18th. You’ll be seeking tangible results  – look out tee shirt and lingerie drawers, cluttered closets and outdated, unworkable paradigms of all stripe!  It’s overhaul time.

Before you start your new year resolutions, this coming week is the time to rest, release, and make space. Slow down, reflect on all we’ve learned in the last year,  and in this last decade.  Treasure the things you want more of, and let go of the rest.  2020 is your year, dear one.

I wish you a glorious week and a blessed New Year.  If you would like a second set of eyes to get clarity on what to release and what to bring in, I’m here to help.  The deep wisdom of the tarot will illuminate your path and an energy healing session can help to clear the way.

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Blessings and love to you.