Cultivate Your Intuition


Greetings Tribe!

Rob Barnett of Barnett Media and I have partnered to offer you a life inspiring workshop!

Rob Barnett Media: Video 193 – Intuitive Workshop in LA, Sunday 4/14 (4:16)

Life is Noisy

Intuition requires the ability to tune in.  Often, social media, the news cycle and the “normal” external pressures we cope with daily create a constant static.  Static that drowns out the frequency of your intuition.  This causes you to make decisions with your head based on what you think is logical, instead of digging deeper into what feels right in your gut.  When you learn how to quiet the noise of daily life, you will be able to tune into the wisdom of your inner voice and consciously use your intuition.

Intuition is Always Available

“I should have trusted my gut.”

“I knew what was really going on, but I didn’t say anything.”

“I wanted it so badly, but I still walked away.”

It’s almost a cliche; the telephone rings and you intuitively know who it is before answering.  You think of a friend and bump into them at Trader Joe’s.  You pull down an aisle at Target just in time for the first parking space to open up.  Intuition often shows up this way, as a fleeting insight we’ll probably dismiss as coincidence, or write off as “just imagination.”  But as Albert Einstein once said, “Imagination is everything.  It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

Learn How

You can harness the intuitive voice inside yourself that has guided life’s greatest thinkers, artists, and business owners. The workshop includes interactive instruction, including how to:

Access calm and ease.  Stop living in constant commotion, external demand, and stress. You’ll learn to guide yourself  — from the small things that matter such as getting a better parking spot, to life-changing new connections.

Activate your empathic sense to cultivate a greater connection with all those you meet, love and care about.

Strengthen your personal power and clarity.

Navigate obstacles on your path. Tune into situations with your intuitive ability, and generate creative solutions to any problem you face.  Build bridges and opportunities where only struggle existed before.

Live an authentic life full of purpose. Recognize the messages your intuition is sending to you and take advantage of them to create a life you don’t want to escape from.

What: Intuition Development Workshop

When: Sunday, April 14th, 2019

Register here:  Intuition Workshop