Goodness is everywhere.


Gratitude for what we ALREADY have is one of the most magnetic energetic beacons you can send out into the world around you.  If you blast the “Ugh, I never get what I want, don’t have the love life/wardrobe/body/income (insert lament of choice here) that I desire.” vibe out and feel terrible about what your “current reality” is every day, that’s the reality you’ll wind up pulling in, on the reg.

If, however, you look at the things in your life that are positive, abundant, filled with love and ARE good then they will begin to multiply.  It’s a universal truth and it works like a charm.  So – I ask you, what can you put your eyes and your attention on RIGHT NOW that pleases you?  DO IT.  Be thankful and grateful for them and watch as they grow – right before your eyes.

In the comments, share what you have to be grateful for.  GO!