How to make the best choices.


Jason Lee Parry

Swipe right or left?  Italian or sushi?  Some decisions we make without much thought, and some we agonize over.  We form opinions and choose to take action based on previous experience, beliefs, emotions, and reason. Hopefully, we also believe in the idea that we can make choices that ultimately lead to our greater well being.

Whether a decision is of little consequence – such as where to eat dinner, or of great consequence, such as where to live, or what job to take, we can employ our intuitive senses to aid in the information gathering process.

For example, when going out for dinner, I “taste” the food at a particular restaurant before deciding whether or not to choose it as my destination.  I  envision myself inside the restaurant and notice the smells, sights, sounds, tastes and vibration.  This is a technique called “remote viewing”.   It’s a highly entertaining (and effective) practice I began when I was a young girl on the phone with my friends.  We would “guess” details about the room the other person was in, and marvel at the things we could sense about the environment without using the physical sense of vision.  We didn’t know at the time we were honing our intuitive senses.

According to the International Remote Viewing Association,  remote viewing is often a means of doing serious science research and for performing operational-type tasks in criminal investigations, government intelligence work, and commercial applications.  In my own work, I use it to help my clients solve problems as well as find lost objects.   I have personally also used it to manage the dynamics of cross-country moves,  job interviews and in a predictive nature with regards to relationships and future events.

Often times, during a remote viewing, other techniques can also enter into the process – such as mediumship, intuitive knowing (a.k.a.: clairvoyance), and telepathy.

The next time you get an invitation to dinner, why not give it a try?  It’s quite possible your intuition will be right on target, you’ll have enhanced your dining experience and had a little fun too.

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