How You Doin’?


In the words of the lovable sitcom lunkhead, Joey Tribbiani, I really want to know:


I want to check in with you. January is nearly over and the last tiny vestiges of 2018’s energy has gone. February is going to be gloriously free feeling in comparison to what we’ve just sloughed off. You may already feel lighter, and more in touch with what you need.  The powerful blood moon, total lunar eclipse on the 20th was a catalyst to allow unworkable dynamics (people, habits and things) be eclipsed out of our lives.

Have you willingly (or unwillingly) made changes in the personnel, property or patterns in your life?  The reason I ask, is because the KonMari method is trending right now, and I’ve seen all varieties of joke, meme and tweet about it.  Before I started doing this work, I was a professional organizer, and still possess a near religious dedication to living an orderly life.  I adore the catharsis that comes with letting go of outdated “stuff”.

I do walk my talk, by the way, and while I don’t think my 27 year old inherited toaster will ever “spark joy”, I’m going to hold onto it, because sourdough toast with homemade jam DOES spark joy for me, or at least, a sense of deep contentment.  The thing that’s so powerful about Marie Kondo and her method, is that it causes us to consider what we allow into our homes and requires an examination of how it affects us on a visceral level.

If you’re reading this, you can probably guess the parallel I’m going to draw to our mental, emotional and spiritual lives.  What do you want your daily reality to look like?  What practices, philosophies and people do you want to experience every day? Does what you’re currently doing match up with the life you envision for yourself?  Since our realities are shaped by input, it stands to reason that we can (and should) KonMari our internal experience as well as our external experience of life.  It starts from the inside out, which is why Marie Kondo is a spiritual ninja, in my opinion.  She tricks the ego mind into thinking it’s about the external, but really she’s captured us in our most secret heart places; and that’s where the magic takes place.

On a quantum level, how we vibrate is affected by everything we think, believe and feel.  Lower, more negative thoughts and emotions are dense and vibrate slowly.  Neutral or more positive thoughts and emotions vibrate at a higher levels.  Scientists have proven the correlations of how a thought or emotion sets off a domino effect of changes in our bodies for good or ill.  Typically, the positively regarded thoughts and emotions seem to be the most beneficial for our mental, emotional and physical health.  I love how that works, don’t you?  It’s such a simple concept: garbage in – garbage out.

If you’re interested in reading more about the science behind this theory, “Power vs. Force” by David Hawkins explains it beautifully. 

So, back to my original question: “How you doin’?”  How do you feel when you wake up?  Have you inadvertently forgotten to take the metaphorical garbage  out?  Sometimes we get caught in a rut because we have accepted the idea that some things are not changeable.  Everything is absolutely changeable, and sometimes far easier to change then maintain. 

I invite you to get radical with me and take the trash out.  Let’s KonMari the heck out of our thought patterns and let go of the ones that aren’t rooted in self love and acceptance so we can live a life to thrive and not just survive in.  A great tool for this is a transformative mantra I learned from my hero Louise Hay:

“I love and accept myself exactly as I am, right now.” 

Sing it, say it, put it on pos-it notes, write it out before bedtime. I like to sing it to the tune of Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy.”   (That’s a challenge, by the way).  Tell me it doesn’t fit perfectly:  “I love and approve of myself, I love and appprooooooove of myself…”  Give it a go.  Perfect for a morning commute. 

::Reaching my hand towards you::  C’mon. Lessgo.

Until next time, I’m with you on the journey.



Ludwig van Beethoven’s “ODE TO JOY”