I want the world.

“I want the world, I want the whole world, I want to lock it all up in my pocket, it’s my bar of chocolate, give it to me! Now!”

I just had a conversation with a friend who joked about “Going Veruca” because of a dearly held desire.  She was referring of course, to Veruca Salt, the iconic “little brute,” from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory who wants everything she sees “NOW DADDY” and meets a very untimely end in the pursuit of all she wants.

What poor Veruca never learned is that sometimes, the waiting period, while often hard and painful, is just as integral a part of the journey as getting the end result.  Trying to help a butterfly fight it’s way out of chrysalis would kill it, but the struggle, forcing blood into it’s wings is what helps it fly.  Sadly, having had thousands of hands open Wonka Bars for her golden ticket, so too does Veruca meet her demise. 

The reason I mention any of this, is because I’ve become more aware of the tendency for people to want to get right to the outcome, the happy ending, the resolution.  It’s self preservation of course but often, we lose sight of the very real gifts that the struggle and the wait can present us with. 

Take my friend for example, she’s in a situation that’s been quite difficult, and is not yet resolved, but the process of going through the struggle has allowed her to cultivate an awareness of herself and her desires that she could only possess having had her particular experience.  Her circumstances will have a happier ending now than they would have had, had she gotten exactly what she wanted when she first wanted it.  All because of the challenges she met and overcame on her journey.

Occasionally, she forgets that the universe is working in her favor and she backslides into a ‘Veruca moment” until I remind her that her cake is not done baking, and if she pulls it out of the oven now, it won’t taste good.  (I’m the queen of metaphors, friends).  It’s not easy to cultivate the perfect faith that what we need will be given to us at exactly the right time, because human timing and divine timing are often at odds.

Remember, your manifestations are not the result of being good, and misfortune is not the result of being bad.  Everything we experience in life is the result of all of our thoughts, beliefs and emotions.  What we project out, what we focus on and believe, we get more of in our lives.  What is within us is reflected back in our physical realities.  It’s just a matter of focus.  (One caveat to that is that I don’t believe that we bring tragic events on ourselves).

If you, like Veruca, just want more and more and are never satisfied with what you have, you’ll always wander around insatiable, like a hungry ghost.  If you focus on feeling grateful and happy for what you do have, you’ll have a lot less need to focus on constantly getting more.  It’s not bad to want things, by the way – desire pulls us forward.  It’s only when we blindly consume more and more that gets problematic.

Remember when you were focused on  manifesting what you have now?  Enjoy it.  Go back and review old vision boards or manifesting journals, and see how far you’ve come.  I’ll wager that most of us feel more fulfilled at having to work hard towards a goal rather than have it handed to us, because of the self esteem that comes from having the wherewithal to follow through on a goal. 

I realize that there is a school of thought that maintains that manifestation can be done through perception change more than hard work, but I’m going to save that quantum idea for another day.  Shifting perception is very helpful tool, whether or not you also work hard to reach your goals. It’s definitely the “secret sauce” to getting things done in the 3-D.  Shift into gratitude, like Charlie did and don’t get dumped down the chute with the bad eggs like Veruca.  The whole world is at your fingertips already, if you allow yourself to see it.

Until next time, I’m with you on the journey.