Intention, Attention, No Tension

We all have the ability to affect profound change in our daily lives just by being aware of what we’re broadcasting out into the field of infinite possibilities.  What do you want to broadcast?  How close does your current broadcast match the vision you hold for your life?

We ALL have the power to change our realities just by what we think and believe. For some of us that’s both a liberating and terrifying discovery.  It gives us the ability to create the lives we want, but it also requires that we take responsibility for what we’ve created.  It  demands that we give up any victim mentality that we have adopted to make the difficulties of a tough reality a little easier to bear.

Since all situations in our lives are created after being held in our thoughts and emotions for a time, it’s possible to change situations and future outcomes with positive directed thought and feelings.

Begin by identifying and clarifying old patterns and then release them by healing and adjusting your energy field. Closely monitor your thoughts and speech and gently redirect yourself any time a thought that isn’t preferred comes up.

Feelings are powerful magnet when it comes to transforming reality.  It’s helpful to focus intently on what it will feel like to have our heart’s desire, even if there is no evidence of its arrival.  Have faith in the process!

A brilliant teacher of mine said it best:  “Set your intention, give it your attention, release all tension.” 

You’ve got this.

If you’d like some help identifying and releasing the old and clarifying the new energies possible, book a personal session for a clearing and healing. I’m here to help!