Libra Season!

Librans aren’t just harmonious, balance seeking people.  While it’s true we’re preternaturally pleasant, and symmetry loving beings, we are also CARDINAL air signs.  (I have the Sun, Mercury and Uranus in Libra).

Air is powerful, fast-moving, and fierce.  Our ruling planet, Venus rules beauty and truth.  Sure, we Librans are a smooth bunch, but we’re also fiercely loyal, charismatic and engaging.  We never settle, we’re always on the hunt for the next new pursuit – guitar lessons, diving in Bora Bora, or maybe you.  (We’re big into romance. Ever been flirted with by a Libra?  If you have, you get it).  💋

We love the fall months:  apple picking, bonfires, hayrides, haunted houses, spiked cider, cozy sweaters, crisp air, beautiful leaves and Halloween.  🎃👻

Libra is the most wholesome sexy sign, (depending on the natal chart) and can even make eating a caramel apple look hot.  #truestory

Today the Sun, Moon, Mercury AND Venus are ALL in Libra! Enjoy the Venusian energy.  It’s a perfect day for loving communication, finding a fantastic piece at the flea market, or basking in some cashmere while reading a page turner on the sofa with your fur children.  We are all Libras today.

The glorious Helen Mirren (A majestic Leo Sun with Neptune and Chiron in Libra) is serving some gorgeous Libran realness in this photo. Yes?

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