New Reviews

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to leave me a review! I appreciate it so very much! Getting the word out grass roots style, is how I build my business!  I am so grateful!

“Crisann hit the nail on the head and knew so much!  She helped to guide me towards more confidence in what I already sensed was true.  I loved it –  will definitely book again in the future.”  -CS, 2/17/20

“I’m a lifetime client.  Crisann’s honesty is what I enjoy the most about working with her.  I love the way she explains it all, both good and bad.  I really feel like I have an agenda to help get my life back on track, thank you.”  – ME 2/16/20

“Crisann has a gift and she’s very good at sharing it. Helped me a great deal with a huge move I was making. Her insights were very valuable. I got the clarity and answers I needed. HIGHLY Recommend!!!  Will absolutely be back for more.” – MK 2/13/20

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