Raise Your Vibe

Happy Hump Day You Gorgeous Wonders!

Between Mercury Retrograde shenanigans and climate change, we can all get down in the mouth, making it necessary to recalibrate and reset our energies.  Besides self care,CBD and all the blood oranges I can juice (seriously, it’s sunshine in a mason jar), I’ve got some tricks to get my positive energy flowing again.


1.  Meditate.  Mediation is the single most effective tool I use to calm my monkey mind and clear away any mental clutter that keeps me from being focused and present.

2.  Exercise.  Get your blood pumping! Move, dance, walk, hula hoop.

3.  Be conscious of what you’re putting in your gorgeous body – eat clean, whole food. 

4.  Drink enough water and keep hydrated.

5.  Watch your thoughts/speech. It’s really hard to vibe high if your internal monologue includes tearing yourself down or gossiping about others.

6. Appreciate something beautiful.  Your cat’s fluffy tail, flowers, a cloud formation, a song you hear on the way to work…

7.  Be grateful for something in your life – anything. Something small, the sky, your car, coffee, lovers face. Find at least two things you’re thankful for.

8.  An act of kindness.  Do something nice for someone today.

Alright friends, I hope you’re having a fantastic day today! You are loved. ✨🙌🏻✨ #highervibration #spirituallyfierce #lightworker #meditate #raisethevibe #positivity