Remote Viewing: A HOW TO GUIDE

Remote viewing or is a psychic skill enabling a person to mentally see objects hundreds or even thousands of miles away. The remote “viewer” tunes in to an object, location, or event that is not accessible to them because of time, distance or location.

Most things of this nature are hard to quantify, but remote viewing is seen as a valid practice by those that have seen it’s results.  Law Enforcement, the military and the CIA have used remote viewing for special operations.  Ingo Swann, a self described “consciousness researcher” is credited with being the creator of the process of remote viewing.  He’s widely known for his work on the military venture called “The Star Gate Project”.

**I actually worked for a think tank in San Francisco doing remote viewing and predictive work for a study in 2014. 

The good news is, remote viewing is handy tool you can use in your daily life – no CIA mission or psychic ability is required.  You can locate mislaid objects, look at an upcoming date or job interview, and check out a new restaurant.  (I do this one ALL the time – it’s a fun, low stakes experiment to hone your intuitive senses).

HOW TO:  Quiet your mind and get grounded.  Picture the restaurant you’re going to and allow your mind to call in the atmosphere, sounds, sights, smells.  Who is there with you? How are you feeling? See a plate set before you and allow yourself to take in what it looks like, what it smells like and finally, take a bite.  Record your perceptions, and don’t second guess yourself.

After you visit the restaurant, check out the notes you made and see where your intuition was right on the money!  Have fun with it!

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