Rules for Living


This is a roadmap for every yoga class I teach and every day I live. I may not do all the steps perfectly all of the time, but this framework guides me all the moments of my day.

Be Present: put your phone down, be with the people you’re with. Feel your feet on the ground, look around, be where you are. Turn off the incessant chatter of your to-do list, your email notifications and your worries about the future.

Find Your Edge: be excellent. Push yourself to and past your perceived limitations. What would you do if you were the most successful, self-realized version of yourself?

Return to the Breath: Breathe deeply. Our breath innervates our mind body connection in very real ways via the vagus nerve that travels through our body beginning deep within our brain stem all the way into our bellies. When we breathe deeply we set off our built in anti-stress system, lowering blood pressure and releasing oxytocin into our systems.

Honor Your Body: practice ahimsa (sanskrit for “non-harming”) towards yourself and others. Be kind to yourself in word and deed – grab a water before a diet coke maybe, or some veggies before chips… pause before you post, love yourself. When you’re kind to yourself, it’s much easier to be kind to others.

Find Gratitude: You’ll hear me say this again and again. Gratitude is the magical secret potion that will magnetize untold greatness into your life. Focus on the 7 things that went right, instead of the one thing that went wrong. Look around and see all the things that you have RIGHT now to be happy and thankful for – and then watch as they multiply.