All signs point to yes.

Maggie Taylor

I have a few spiritual guides that I admire very much, and one of them is Marianne Williamson.  I discovered her teachings on A Course In Miracles when I was in my early 20’s living in Boulder, Colorado and having the first of many existential crises.  I devoured her lectures and books because they made sense of all the suffering I was going through about striving versus being, what to do with myself and how to feel comfortable in my own skin.

One of my favorite ideas, as outlined in the course and demystified by Marianne, is the thought that the universe is always directing us to be the best versions of ourselves and helping us set up the conditions to get there.  The same intelligence that causes the embryo to become a baby and an acorn to become a powerful oak tree is at work in you and me – the difference being that we can say no to it’s unfoldment and choose to travel down another path using our free will.

Allowing life to unfold and to take inspired action as opposed to forcing life’s events is what I’m talking about here.  We can’t always know where life will lead us; but if we attune our minds to the positive occurrences, instead of focusing only on what’s gone wrong during our days, we experience more goodness as a result.

The power of the negative thought is seductive as it beckons our attention away from the wonderful things that just took place and is a common place experience for many people.  Experiencing one negative occurrence and then turning our attention back onto the other wonderful things that happened as well is difficult to do.  It takes practice, daily.

So, the next time you find yourself sliding into a negative thought spiral, take a breath, plant your feet firmly on the ground and choose the better feeling thoughts about what’s going right, right now.