Week of May 11th

Aries: Death/Four of Swords

You are tying up loose ends, taking care of unfinished business, and closing one door to open another. You’re putting the past behind you. Permanent, positive transformation occurs as you release situations and relationships that no longer serve your purpose. You will become who you really are, rather than who you think you “should” be. First, take a break, review where you are, consolidate your inner resources, and prepare. Focus your power and allow it to tap into the healing energies and restorative capabilities of the universe.

Taurus: Knight of Cups/Emperor

By taking the path with heart, a new country of the spirit opens up. Your dreams and intuition provide direction and answer your questions. Be alert for synchronicities, and for just a day, attempt to interpret the experiences of your waking life as though they were a part of a dream. Give yourself the security and comfort you need to achieve this by coordinating a plan to guide your own growth. Set the tone, provide the shape and the form that will allow you to delve into your deepest beliefs and emotions to reach an understanding about how they create what you experience.

Gemini: Ten of Swords/Strength

You experience the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. This is connected to the ego’s release of an idea to which it has been attached. You may experience a sense of relief as one portion of your inner struggle comes to an end, and you have no choice but to let go. You have the innate ability to deal with whatever life brings. Listen to your intuition and call on your inner knowing to manifest what you want.

Cancer: King of Pentacles, Queen of Wands

Prosperity is here, now. Evaluate what you need to feel emotionally fulfilled and go after it with the same relentless energy that has propelled you to material abundance. You’re building on past achievements to pursue new goals and dreams. Unexpected validation comes from an influential or powerful person. You possess the energy and enthusiasm to create the life you desire. Follow your hunches about what direction to take.

Leo: Ace of Swords, Two of Wands

You cut through illusion in the search for understanding, using your intellect to pierce the veil of the material universe to uncover spiritual truths. You overcome obstacles by applying your willpower and intelligence to problem-solving. Success is imminent. You know what you’re capable of and what needs to be done – you realize you’re moving in the right direction and that your investment of time, money, ideas are about to pay off. You hold the secret to your own growth, open yourself to all possibilities.

Virgo: Five of Swords/Judgement

An empty victory is at hand. You win, but was it worth the effort? Is this really what you want? Examine your motives, and ask yourself if you secretly wanted to lose in this situation. Use your energy in the pursuit of a higher cause, but be careful not to get sucked into social justice warrior territory. You don’t need to shove the “truth” down everyone’s throat. Unlike most, you’ve learned how to integrate your everyday awareness with your higher consciousness. You have already, or are now waking up and realizing your real work and path in life. Go with this change of direction. Go towards the new, better life that you’ve created.

Libra: The Star/The Hermit

A new cycle of balance, harmony, calm, renewal, and healing is at hand. Your persistence and hard work are paying off big time. Everything works the way it should, in part because you’re linked to a higher plane, a more evolved vibration. Give of yourself with compassion through service. In doing so, you help others find the light. You teach, enlighten, and empower others, even though you realize you don’t have all the answers yourself. Keep listening with your inner ear for your truths to surface.

Scorpio: The Hanged Man/Eight of Pentacles

Think transition, postponed plans, and life in suspension. Adjust your POV, reverse your established order of doing things, and do a one-eighty in how you perceive something. The decision you’re waiting for is delayed. Events in your life are forcing you to look within – and in doing so, you realize that the inner reality creates the outer reality. One is the direct reflection of the other. Because you understand that your point of power lies in the present, you delve into the process and turn a talent, hobby, or interest into a new career. Practice the zen of day to day living with renewed enthusiasm.

Sagittarius: Page of Cups/The Star

Think expansion, new beginnings, creative and spiritual development, and the intuitive whisper that nudges you in the right direction at the right time. You may even pluck a book off your shelf that just happens to provide you with precisely the information you need. All things now seem possible. There is a new cycle of calm, renewal, and healing beginning for you and reward for all of your hard work and persistence. You’re on the right track, your plans are about to bear fruit. Promising encounters loom on the horizon, and synchronicities run rampant. What you thought was impossible now becomes possible.

Capricorn: Ten of Swords/Queen of Wands

You’re facing forced change and the final resolution of a situation or the dramatic end of a cycle. You give up on a lost cause and get on with the real purpose of your life. Ultimately, you feel relieved, accept the inevitable, and move forward. The good news is that the struggle is over, and you will now move into a place of renewal and healing. Your life now focuses on your work and spiritual beliefs. You’re filled with new ideas and possess the energy and skill to create the life you desire. Follow your hunches about the direction you should take.

Aquarius: Six of Wands/Judgement

With a combination of persistence, intelligence, and clear vision, you achieve a cherished dream. Despite problems or delays, you win. You get vindication, recognition, or reward for your hard work. You earned it through your drive, ambition, desire, and belief in your own abilities. Enjoy. You can manifest it again and again. You have awakened to your path in life. You’ve learned some incredibly valuable spiritual lessons, and now you’re putting them to practical use. A pending decision results in a green light for a project you’ve nurtured. Your dream unfolds, you are in the driver’s seat.

Pisces: Death/Emperor

Think transition, transformation, rebirth, and permanent change that sweeps away the old to make way for the new. This change is required. If you don’t change willingly, something will slam into your life that forces you to change. Then, like the phoenix you will rise, reborn from the ashes of your old life. Don’t cling to situations, no matter the cost. Release. Let go. When you do, the thing you desire will start to appear in your life. Every obstacle is a challenge. Through visualization and affirmation, make your intention clear to the universe.  The universe will respond in kind. The more focused your intent, the faster the manifestation. You can create the conditions conducive to realizing your heart’s desire.