Tarot Scopes 3/23- 3/30

TarotScopes are channeled messages for the collective crafted from the archetypal wisdom of the tarot.  They are valid and relevant for anyone, anywhere, anytime. They don’t have to be date or even sun sign specific – check your Rising and Moon sign, too! If it resonates with you – have FUN with it! Run with it.

The scopes complement your good judgment and personal intuition and shed light on your present circumstances and future events. My goal in writing them for you is to provide pragmatic, magical and uplifting guidance to help you understand the energies at play.  I hope you love them.

Tarot is my first love and my preferred divination method and I look forward to connecting with you to share it. Together we can shift what’s stuck, gain clarity and help you create a life you love.

I’m with you on the journey.