Week of July 27th

Greetings, glorious souls! Here’s what is in store for you this week! Pisces is going first, for a change. Have a safe and happy week.

Pisces: Three of Swords

The Three of Swords can represent the hellish little curveballs that life throws at us. They can include betrayal, abandonment, rejection, separation, or a reversal of fortune. These events hurt because they usually hit us when we least expect it. You may know what this refers to, but if not, consider this a heads up. There could be something amiss in your life that you’re not aware of or are not yet willing to acknowledge. Most curveballs hit us when we’re looking the other way. Examine your situation and talk to the people in your life. Take nothing for granted. Acknowledge your pain, examine, and process it. Then let it go and move on. 

Aquarius: Six of Swords

The six of swords often indicates a metaphorical gateway through which you journey away from your problems. It could be a literal journey to a new home or workspace or a symbolic journey that plays out on a spiritual level.  Sometimes this card can represent an emotional state where you feel dull and listless. There’s nothing seriously wrong, but nothing feels right either. You may be moving from a sad or disconnected frame of mind to a more positive one, with hope. You’ve made decisions that are now pushing you in a new direction. The future may be unknown, but you’re ready to embrace what awaits you and distance yourself from past problems.

Capricorn: Eight of Wands

You’re declaring yourself openly, finding successful resolutions, and finding the missing puzzle pieces. It’s time to take action and put your plans into action, even if that means concluding what you’ve been doing. Good news is headed your way via email or text message that will put a different spin on the overall picture. Broaden your horizons, try out new ideas, begin new projects, and start to conduct your business in a new or innovative way. Build a website – the world is smaller than you think. Money comes in rapidly, healings occur, and new love strikes hot and fast. Current romantic involvements could heat up quite a bit.  Life transforming experiences abound. Get ready.

Sagittarius: Six of Wands

You’ve been working hard towards a goal, and success is within your reach. You have overcome the obstacles with a combination of persistence, intelligence, and clear vision. Your cherished dream is unfolding, despite any problems or delays you’ve experienced. You are vindicated and rewarded for all of your hard work. You’ve earned this victory through drive, ambition, desire, and belief in your own abilities. Enjoy your triumph and realize that what you’ve manifested (flourishing career, the perfect partner, robust health, financial increase) can be repeated. Well done, Archer.

Scorpio: Eight of Pentacles

You are absorbed in a project or a situation that consumes all of your attention, whether it’s a work project, family difficulty, personal goal, or unpleasant duty. Sometimes blessings fall into our laps to be enjoyed. Other times we must put out great effort to obtain them. You may be honing your skills in workshops, an actual degree program, or turning a talent or hobby into a new career. Financial assistance will come through for studies or a new project or business. Get more rest than you usually do, and keep balanced – any physical complaints are just evidence of feeling off-kilter.  Your point of power lies in the present. 

Libra: Two of Pentacles

Think balance, adaptability, equilibrium. Think Lancelot navigating the labyrinth of swinging blades in the film First Knight. He is alert, agile, and patient, knowing when to move and when to hold still, to avoid sudden death. You are graceful and effective while juggling all the demands that are made of you. If this idea feels foreign to you, or you do not feel this level of self-confidence right now, rest assured that you have all you need to meet your every goal. Embrace the challenge. We can’t always navigate life in a straight line, prepare to be flexible, listen to your gut, and avoid being rigid. Your versatility is your greatest strength.

Virgo: Two of Swords

You’ve reached the proverbial fork in the road and don’t know which path to take. You keep procrastinating about the choice because there is something about the situation that you won’t let yourself see. You’re denying your true feelings, and stifling a natural response. You can keep others at arm’s length and continue to hide your distress, but to what end? If you’re afraid to act, you will continue to stay stuck. If you choose not to know, to avoid unpleasantness, you will eventually wall yourself off and become trapped behind what you intended to build for protection. Remove the barriers, open your heart back up. Don’t pretend something is okay when it isn’t.

Leo: Judgement 

You’re making hard choices and taking a stand. Having awakened to all the possibilities available to you, you’re transforming and making a fresh start. You are recognizing your true vocation, filled with an inner conviction and an impulse to act. You are drawn in a new direction, unburdening yourself by releasing guilt and sorrow and forgiving yourself (or others). Sometimes you must decide and make a judgment. At times like this, it’s best to weigh the matter and commit to a decision without self-reproach. If you are being judged yourself, learn from the process. Focus on what is of value, correct what needs correcting, but never lose sight of your worth.

Cancer: Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups is astrologically linked to the sign of Cancer. She embodies the prototypical nurturer and has a heart filled with compassion. She nurtures children, animals, environmental issues, and the causes that she fervently believes in. She excels in metaphysics and maybe a clairvoyant, psychic or tarot reader as well. She can also be involved with undercover work, acting, or medicine. She’s spiritual and loving, but also sexual and often secretive. A new work opportunity comes through and hits you just right. Sexual electricity seizes you, and your relationship heats up in an incredibly romantic way. Your emotions have a powerful effect on your health, if you’re blocked emotionally, it manifests in your body. Unblock your emotions, and prosperity will rush in.

Gemini: Queen of Swords

The Queen of Swords is a Gemini. She sizes up situations astutely and faces up to even unpleasant truths. Nobody diffuses awkward situations with a wisecrack so elegantly. She doesn’t take herself or anyone else too seriously and is free of self-righteous judgments. She has seen it all, doesn’t suffer fools, is direct, and expects you to be. Her observations are piercingly correct, but never hurtful. You are being urged to adopt her energy for your benefit. Are you being completely honest? Do you see the humor in the situation? Once you learn to incorporate your intellect and your emotions, your path becomes clear.

Taurus: King of Wands

The energy of the King of Wands is inspiring, creative, charismatic, and bold. This king is willing to take chances when the stakes are high and sets an example others want to follow. He’s an influential, natural leader. You’re being guided to use these traits to propel you forward. Alternatively, an older man in your life inspires you. He pushes you to excel and use your full potential. He encourages you to pursue your dream, whatever it might be. Your journey is underway. Remain open to possibilities and opportunities that seem to come to you from out of nowhere. Follow your impulses and pay attention to synchronicities, they are signposts directing you on your path.

Aries: Seven of Wands

Taking a stand is a forceful act that changes the world’s energy flow for good or ill. You’re in an advantageous position, and you can succeed, no matter how competitive the situation appears to be. We flow with life like a boat traveling down a river, and sometimes, we’re not content to flow, and we make a course correction or change course entirely. Now is that time. Tie up loose ends, release the past and move on with your life. If your dream is to be self-employed, take the plunge. If you aren’t happy doing what you’re doing – then stop doing it. You stand up for your beliefs, meet your challenges, and overcome the opposition. Cheers!