Week of August 10th.

Hello dear souls,

I took last week off because I needed the rest.  I am refreshed, renewed and connected.

The weekly Tarot Scopes are valid and relevant for anyone, anywhere, anytime. Check your Rising and Moon sign, too! If it resonates with you – have FUN with it! Run with it. 

The scopes complement your good judgment and personal intuition and shed light on your present circumstances and future events. My goal in writing them for you is to provide pragmatic, magical, and uplifting guidance to help you understand the energies at play.  

So, without further ado, here’s what’s in store for you glorious beings this week:

Aries: Wheel of Fortune 

You don’t have to remain locked in place. Embrace the risk, take the plunge, and luck rides with you. As Goethe said: “Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it!” You are entering a new cycle. Originality and unconventional ideas trigger new methods, new lifestyles, and new belief systems. You are revolutionizing your life to bring it into line with who you are and who you want to be. Reevaluate anything that no longer meets your needs and release as necessary. There is more to your life than the external world, commune with your inner self to discover the hub of strength from which you create your worldly fortune.

Taurus: Hanged Man

You are being invited to release pent up or negative emotions, end your struggle and accept what is. Eckhart Tolle says: “Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it.” There is freedom in overturning old priorities and allowing yourself to see your reality from a new angle. The events in your life have forced you to look within and recognize that your inner truth is what creates your outer reality. One is the direct reflection of the other.

Contrary to popular belief, you win by letting go and not forcing your will on someone or something. If you feel yourself wanting to act – that is when you should wait. Ironically, by making this contradictory move, you find what you’re looking for.

Gemini: Justice

The Justice card often appears when you are concerned with doing what is right or making sure you receive your due. It can also signal that you are feeling the impact of a past mistake or good deed. The cause you set in motion at one time is now returning to you as an effect. What you’ve waited for will materialize, conflicts will resolve, and harmony will reign once more. You are between cycles – you may be ending connections, making or breaking contracts, legally or personally. Balance is required in all parts of your life now, make sure you give equal attention to work, exercise, health, sleep, and relationships. Any financial darkness you have been facing will be suddenly illumined by an unexpected windfall. Enjoy today. 

Cancer: Page of Wands

You’re being given a chance to experience and use your creativity, courage, charm. It’s time to take a novel approach and find a new area of self-expression. Your mantra is “YES I CAN,” Your entire situation is suffused with the spirit of excitement and adventure. You can express your individuality and power with light-hearted abandon. Expect messages concerning work or employment. You get the job, initiate new projects, or find an agent for your written work, screenplay, or novel. A new relationship may sail into your life, and it’s exactly the kind of partnership you’ve been hoping for. The energy around you is fun, exciting, and fulfilling. Your point of power lies in the present.

Leo: Nine of Wands

You’re a fighter who’s seen some battles, but you’re still standing. When times are hard, and we feel road worn and weary, being open and trusting doesn’t feel safe. We throw our defenses up in the act of self-protection. Life’s lessons can be hard, especially when our hopes have been dashed. It is entirely reasonable to feel defensive after weathering an event that has wounded us. Wear your battle scars like a badge Lionheart, don’t let it make you bitter. The experience may have been hurt you, but it has also strengthened and forged within you the power to overcome any obstacle. You got this. You are much closer to your goals than you think.  

Virgo: Ace of Cups

Trust your inner voice when responding to events in your external world. Your connection to your higher self is solid, bringing with it the possibility of deep feelings, intimacy, attunement, compassion, and love.  A seed of deeper emotional awareness has been planted in your life, although you may not recognize it yet. It can take the form of a strong feeling, a new love, deep intuitive knowing, or empathy. Stay alert for gifts, opportunities that hit your heart just right, romantic encounters, and synchronicities. You may experience love at first sight, luck into the perfect new job, or move to the living space you’ve been dreaming about. Follow your heart.

Libra: Eight of Wands 

Before taking action, we think, imagine, dream, discuss, and plan. Then we bring our ideas down to earth and make them real. Now is the time to declare yourself without hesitation. All the elements of a situation are lined up and ready for you to proceed. Do not hesitate. New information is coming in, pay attention to everything. Single Libras may meet someone quickly and hit it off big time. The money arrives, your healing speeds up, your beliefs shift, and things begin to click. It all happens fastasthat. One moment you’re a skeptic, and the next, you’re immersed in a transpersonal experience that seems to slam into your life. It will touch every facet of your existence, triggering deeply desired life-transforming events.

Scorpio: Seven of Pentacles

If you take a step back to evaluate your progress, you will see the value in what you’ve done so far or, you will clearly see where you need to make a course correction. Course correcting isn’t a bad thing; it can help us stay in tune with our own changing needs and goals, instead of carrying on even though our original purpose no longer resonates as deeply as it once did. You are seeing the fruits of your labor now. You can take a moment and catch your breath and look around. Do you wish to continue down this path, or go in a new direction? When we’re busy, we don’t always take the time to reflect on what we’re doing or why. You have the opportunity to check in with yourself and make sure that you’re getting the results you want and to move in a different direction if you choose to. You’re not locked in, change is still possible. 

Sagittarius: Four of Swords

For some of us, resting and being still is the ultimate challenge. Activity and busyness can become a way of avoiding tuning into our inner voice and feeling our feelings. There is no shortage of things to do, and endless avenues of distracting ourselves. Slow down and get some rest. If you are recovering from an illness, allow yourself quiet time to heal. Even if you feel completely healthy, you risk getting sick if you don’t take a break. Give yourself time to get some perspective without rushing to a resolution. When we are silent, we can more easily go within and find answers in stillness. Diving into the depths of your inner self holds its own rewards, but it comes with the challenge of silencing the monkey mind. Take this opportunity to put your concerns aside and rest; you will emerge renewed and refreshed.

Capricorn: The Tower

Sudden change in the form of upheaval, disrupted plans, emotional chaos, or experiencing a burst of insight is likely right now. Sometimes change is gradual, and we get time to adapt to the events unfolding, but this is not one of those times. The changes your are experiencing are fast and explosive, not unlike Cher slapping Nicholas Cage in the movie Moonstruck and yelling, “SNAP OUT OF IT!” How you choose to respond to the changes will determine how uncomfortable or painful they will ultimately be. It will be helpful if you can recognize that this disruption occurred because it was necessary and needed. Maybe asking you to embrace the change is too much, but try to see the positive. You may actually feel relief in being forced into a new direction. The overthrow of existing conditions brings a fresh start.

Aquarius: Five of Wands

You wake up and stumble to the bathroom and stub your toe, you spill coffee on your shirt and walk in to work with toothpaste on your chin after hitting every red light. Everything in your environment feels like an annoying hassle. In professional settings, there is no coordinated effort or agreement. You’re going to need extra patience and perseverance to get to the point where you can accomplish something. The Five of Wands does not represent significant blockages, just many small, irritating ones: death by a thousand paper cuts. Sometimes this kind of environment can trigger within us the fight and drive to overcome the odds. We uncover a hidden well of strength and resolve and rise to the challenge. If this is not true for you, take a step back from the situation and appraise things honestly so you can create a plan. Then, work toward cooperation and proceed with whatever it is you have to do.

Pisces: Three of Cups

You’re in the flow, feeling warm and connected to your friends and community. You’re putting yourself out there, sharing, connecting, giving, and receiving resources and help. When you feel exuberant, and on top of the world, there is no-one quite like you to create a network of support with other like-minded souls. Your intuition is on point, and it helps you to navigate and challenges and give wise counsel. If you’ve been mired in confusion about a relationship, clarity is nigh. A pending matter reaches a happy conclusion. Estrangements are mended in a joyful reunion. Old wounds heal and allow you to move forward in your life.