Week of May 18th


You are intellectual, analytical, articulate, just, and ethical, or you are being called to adopt these qualities. You stand firm in your truth and express yourself with deep conviction. As a result, others pay attention to what you have to say. You’re put on notice that it may be time to cut away from old ideas that have outlived their purpose. However, be fair and logical when making decisions that affect other people. You may be dealing with lawyers, physicians, judges, or the legal system in general. 


Expect structures that have kept you imprisoned to break apart. Sudden, unexpected life changes that seem to crash into your life from out of nowhere are actually patterns that you have set into motion because of an inner urge to break free. If you feel you’re stuck in a rut spiritually, romantically, financially, or in your career, this influence will sweep your life clean and afford you a fresh start. The changes can be painful or simply just require you to have faith, the choice is yours.


Are you passing up current and future chances for success because you prefer to dwell on past glory? If memories of being BMOC or a high school cheerleader fill you with nostalgia, rethink your current situation. If you believe that your best days are behind you, that will become your reality. Instead, use the wishes and dreams of your childhood to inspire your creative work. This retrograde season, revive, recycle, and reuse. You will find new answers in forgotten skills, old dreams, and unlived fantasies.


You’ve reached the fork in the road and don’t know which path to take. There’s something about the situation that you refuse to see, causing paralysis and procrastination. Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away, the time has come to choose. If there seems to be no reasonable course of action available, call in an unbiased third party to help resolve the issue. If you act swiftly and decisively, you can turn the situation to your advantage.



Transition, transformation, rebirth, and permanent change is here for you, and it will revitalize your life by sweeping away the old to make way for the new. This is a permanent change, and it’s not optional. If you have been avoiding change and clinging to old situations no matter what the cost, expect a complete turnaround. You may lose the job you dislike or end the relationship(s) that you’ve outgrown, and it might be painful, but the rewards make enduring the pain worth it. Release anything that no longer serves your highest good.



After leaving a bad situation in the past, you are rocketing forward towards your goals. Like Indiana Jones, you succeed through a combination of self-discipline, bravado, and sheer willpower. You may take a journey of self-discovery – either spiritually or an actual trip by car. You are in the driver’s seat, and you create your own destiny through your actions. A new vehicle or a move to another house or apartment in your same general area are possibilities. Through focused effort, you achieve your goals.



There will be a conclusion that ends a period of stagnation and delay. Your plans are nearing completion, good news is headed your way. It’s time to broaden your horizons. Try out new ideas, begin new projects and do your business in a new and innovative way. Your quick response to information that comes in will result in life-transforming experiences. Your open communication and complete honesty enhance all personal relationships. Everything will happen fast. One moment you’re a skeptic, and the next, you’re immersed in an experience that seems to slam into your life from out of nowhere.  It will light you up from the inside out.



A celebration is put on hold, and there is a delay in the purchase of land or a home. You want to move in with your partner, but you can’t due to circumstances that are out of your control. If you doubted yourself in the past or struggled with self-acceptance or empathy, you are finding a sense of balance within yourself. You now know who you are and why you’re here, you connect deeply to yourself and your inner being. That will help you go through any changes that come up now. Changing jobs, moving house, or leaving a relationship are all potentials right now. Any transition that presents itself is one you need to make. Embrace it all.



“I’m fine. It’s fine, everything is fine.” It’s NOT fine, even though you may be trying to trick yourself into believing it is. It’s time to get real and confront your situation head-on. If you have a secret you don’t want to be revealed, it’s time to forgive yourself and confide in someone you trust. The stress and tension from keeping this secret are causing you unnecessary guilt and shame. Let it go, and you will feel lighter, I promise! The release will make you feel better. Any time your fear starts talking, get out of your head, and trust that you have everything you need. Have faith in yourself.



An opportunity for growth is coming your way disguised as a problem or dilemma. These kinds of challenges may not be your favorites. In fact, your instinct may be to detach from the problem instead of solving it. You need to attend to the broader issues in your life and embrace these problematic situations. They’re just trials designed to test you and help you evolve. When you accept the challenges, you will become stronger and more resilient. Honesty, reason, integrity and fortitude are the most helpful tools to use to get on track. If you are e-stalking someone, ask yourself why, and stop, because it’s more harmful than helpful.



Promising encounters loom on the horizon and synchronicities are regular occurrences in your life now. You are linked to a higher plane, a more evolved vibration. Inner conflict and indecision are resolved. You may even be experiencing lucid dreams and a surge in your intuitive abilities. Your life achieves a wholeness, balance, and unity, and everything is working the way it should. What you’re starting or planning today will reach far into the future. You’re on the right track. Your plans are about to bear fruit, your dream job lands in your lap, and you’re solidly on your way to achieving your highest potential. Everything works out better than expected.



A new idea or breakthrough is emerging, and you’re still exploring what it means and how best to bring it into your reality. You’re seeking clarity about whether it’s something you wish to pursue more fully in the world and trying to determine whether it can pan out the way you want it to. Give yourself ample time and space to explore, meditate and get clarity before telling others about it. Alternatively, you may have also realized that an idea that you had is not coming to fruition in the way you’d hoped. You need to stop pursuing something that no longer has meaning to you. Get clarity on what you really want in life and set realistic goals to achieve it.

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