Week of May 25th

Aries: Chariot/Fool

You are charging forward towards a fresh start and new beginnings. Your journey may be one of self-discovery, motivated by a burning desire to succeed. You’re creating your destiny through your actions, and it is time to prove your abilities. A project you’ve been working on reaches fruition, you smash through obstacles with sheer bravado and will. You may be taking risks that shock the people who know you best, but you plunge forward with the knowledge that all things are possible if you trust your instincts. Your quest is underway.

Taurus: Seven of Pentacles Reversed – Ace of Pentacles

You’ve worked hard to lay foundations to reach a goal and could be feeling like the project or relationship isn’t progressing or growing as fast as you would like. It can be hard to pour your heart and soul into something with no guarantees. Rest assured, positive rewards for all of your hard work are coming to you now. Don’t be afraid of the risks, the timing is right! Everything you have invested will return to you multiplied. You are finding a long-sought solution to a troubling problem. You absolutely have the power to manifest your plans, ideas, and dreams.

Gemini: Eight of Pentacles Reversed – The World

You have been highly disciplined when it comes to understanding your inner beliefs and behaviors and have dedicated yourself to being the best version of yourself. While there may be a tendency to be too hard on yourself, and rigidly adhering to standards of perfection, your dedication to betterment is impressive. You’re reaching a deep understanding of the issues that concern you, and a sense that everything in life starts within and radiates outward. Your most private beliefs create the reality that you live. Now is the time to free yourself from restriction. Expand your horizons.

Cancer: Strength – Two of Swords

Strength comes to you by harmonizing opposing forces. Instead of fighting an external beast, you tame it inside yourself. You have the innate ability to deal with whatever life brings, so draw on it to overcome the obstacles on your path. Use it to make the decision you are now avoiding. You’re immobilized by your own fear and caught in a place that seems to have no reasonable course of action. Dig into your strength and act swiftly. Doing so will turn the situation in your favor. You can regain your mental balance and sense of peace, and you will. Breathing, meditation, and practices like Tai Chi will help you move off dead center and allow the energy room to circulate. Take heart – this standstill is temporary.

Leo: Knight of Wands – Queen of Pentacles

You find what you’re looking for before you even know you’re looking. You’re on the move, actively searching for your path, the challenge lies in incorporating what you learn into all aspects of your life. You can no longer pigeonhole or hide your beliefs; it’s time to step into who you really are. You’re looking and moving forward with practical, tangible solutions. You don’t question what seems to be a very fortuitous uptick in your ability to create abundance for yourself. Your reason and intuition work beautifully together, everything seems to be clicking into place. Empowerment is yours.

Virgo: Hermit – Ten of cups

The period of solitude you’ve been in is nearing completion. Take a step back, reexamine your situation. You’ve traversed the deeper levels of your psyche, mined the wisdom of your higher self, and have found the answers. You’re solving your problems and completing your projects. Even with this increased awareness, you realize you don’t have all the answers, and that’s okay. Your refreshed outlook is bringing you towards a dearly held goal. Permanent and enduring success, complete happiness, emotional harmony, and prosperity are the rewards for all the hard work you’ve done on your soul path. You’ve arrived at a new level of fulfillment and security. Gratitude is your superpower.

Libra: King of Swords – Two of Pentacles

You are being put on notice that it’s time to cut away from beliefs that have outlived their purpose. However, be fair and logical when making decisions that affect other people. You may rely too much on your intellect, listen to your intuition also. In true Libra fashion, you’re striking a balance in your life with the cheer and enthusiasm of a juggler in a vaudeville act. There is hidden magic in the way you maintain equilibrium. You may be balancing a variety of projects or harmonizing your outer material growth with your inner spiritual development. Avoid spreading yourself too thin. Narrow your choices to maintain your balance. Versatility is your greatest strength.

Scorpio: Ten of Wands – The Fool

You’ve assumed so much responsibility you feel burdened. You can certainly handle what you’ve taken on, but if it proves to be too much because of your other commitments, don’t hesitate to release it. Many of the burdens you carry are self-imposed. Make time to relax and enjoy life, and refuse to let real or imagined responsibilities overshadow your joy. Let go of some of it and start fresh. A glorious adventure awaits you if you trust your instincts instead of your inner taskmaster. New financial opportunities are set to appear in your life, expect an increase. Allow yourself to have perfect faith that no matter what happens, it’s going to be okay.

Sagittarius: Five of Swords – Nine of Pentacles

An empty victory is at hand. You win, but was it worth the effort? Is this what you really want? Examine your motives and ask yourself if you secretly wanted to lose in this situation. There is a lifting of restrictions, a breaking of bonds available for you – but you have to take some definitive action, don’t expect to have your freedom handed to you on a silver platter. You’re in for a struggle, and you will get little help or compassion from others. Instead, become your own best friend. You will undergo a change in consciousness that leads you to a higher understanding of all you have to be grateful for.

Capricorn: King of Wands – Ace of Wands

Innovation and originality allow your inspirations to take physical form. You roll your sleeves up, step in, and take the lead when it presents itself. Others follow you when you show the way with your aggressive pursuit of goals and self-confidence. Your vision, courage, and convictions lead to vast improvements,  increased demand for your services.  You have hooked into the prosperity loop. Boundless energy, fiery enthusiasm, optimism drive your pursuits. A new chapter begins. A rebirth of spirit takes place. You broaden your worldview and expand your ideas of what’s possible. Seize the opportunity to follow your impulses.

Aquarius: Wheel of Fortune – The Star

You don’t have to remain locked in place. Embrace the risk, take the plunge, and luck rides with you. Once you’ve set everything into motion, the Universe responds quickly to your desires. Revolutionize your lifestyle and bring it more into line with who you are or who you want to be. When you do, you open yourself to the beginning of a new cycle. One where you are doing what you were born to do. Doors open, new opportunities in love, career, and finances seem to fly in from out of nowhere. All areas of your life improve significantly, mainly because you’ve allowed yourself to link to a higher plane. Share your wisdom with compassion, you’re helping others find the light.

Pisces: Seven of Swords – Three of Pentacles

Mistrust and unnecessary secrecy are more likely to lead to isolation than security. Even though it’s good to guard against underhanded people, suspicion can lead to paranoia if taken too far. You would love to get closer to someone, but your lack of trust keeps him or her at a distance. You sidestep honest discussion and then wonder why the relationship keeps stalling. To the other person, it’s clear your hiding your true feelings. Stop beating around the bush. Lasting happiness and new realms of intimacy and loyalty await once you resolve past problems. You have the chance to create something beautiful and enduring.