The 11/11 Portal!

The 11/11 portal will be a series of beautiful connections between very powerful planets. The conjunction Sun/Mercury in Scorpio with Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn encourages us to see and understand the aspects of fear. The current Sun/Mercury transit is very rare making it powerful energy for all of us.

In addition to these major planetary aspects, the 11/11 happens to be the eve of the Full Moon in Taurus, during the Scorpio season. The retrograde Sun and Mercury will align in Scorpio on 11/11, opposing the Moon to Taurus.

This means that we will have flashes of lucidity, even if this is opposed to our emotional needs. The next day, there will be a fertile Full Moon in Taurus, making November 11 a great day to separate us from what no longer serves us and transform our lives. It will also be a good time to let go and eliminate all obstacles in your path that will lead to success.

In readings, the Four of Wands card is known as the 11/11 card, and often represents the events and experiences that generate excitement. These vary from person to person, but the stirring feelings are the same. Sometimes such times arrive unexpectedly. The Four of Wands can signal a surprise or spontaneous thrill. Other times this card represents planned celebrations, such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and victory parties. These events have their solemn side, but they are also a chance to feel the joy of living.

The Four of Wands often means freedom. Freedom can take many forms, but it always brings with it an exhilarating feeling. When we break the bonds that bind us, whether physical, mental or emotional, we feel triumphant and able to move on to a new period of growth and happiness. If you feel trapped or restricted right now, use the energy of the Four of Wands to launch you into freedom. Do not be afraid to claim the open vistas that are rightfully yours.