This New Year

This new year feels big to me, it feels full of hope, and consequence.  The stakes feel large, the energy feels tingly and alive with possibility.  We have a waxing crescent moon moving from Aquarius and into Pisces which can make us extra sensitive, perceptive and maybe even a bit insecure.  It’s a great influence for  creating, problem-solving and generating new ideas.

What problems or challenges do you want to leave behind you and in 2019 permanently? What do you want to create for the next year and decade of your life?  When you look back on the last ten years, can you identify a through line  for what took place for you? What is it?  For me, if I’m honest, (and vulnerable) it was survival.  Life threw some heavy challenges my way and I raced to keep up with them.  Looking back, I’m humbled and also very proud of my perseverance and ability to stay the course towards my goals, but it wasn’t easy.  I don’t wish to continue surviving instead of thriving, I’m looking to turn my life experience into one with more space and less struggle.  Does that resonate for you too?

Today, on this New Year’s Eve, I will be carving out time to sit down and write down what I want my ideal day to look like, from the time I awaken, to the time I go back to bed and turn out the lights.  I’m going to write down my visions in long hand in a journal in near cinematic detail.

I’m going to focus on how I feel, what I’m wearing, who I’m with and what I’m doing in order to give them life.  Then I’m going to allow myself to feel the feelings, and step into gratitude for having this vision be my reality.

Seeing the new, feeling the emotions of being in the new and then having gratitude for it coming to pass is the most powerful technique for manifesting I’ve experienced personally, and I want to share my practice with you, so that you too can more powerfully manifest the life you most want to live as well.

I have also been tossing the items in my house/fridge/bath/storage unit that I don’t need or use.

In order to have room for what we want, we must clear out the old to make room for the new.  I am longing to start 2020 with only what I love and what I need.  For me, that includes people, thought processes, clothing, food items, emotional dynamics and self talk.

Moving lightly through the world gives us more room to be and think and experience without the need to carry anything that might bog us down.  I am resolving not to carry things “just in case”, because that demonstrates a lack of faith in the universe to give us exactly what we need at exactly the moment we need it.

Remember that you are in the driver’s seat of your life.  All of the thoughts you think that become beliefs are creating your every day experience.  You are in control, more than you know.  You can change what you don’t like and call in what you do want.  Use your discernment, and then let your deepest hearts wishes guide you on your way.

Remember:  Set your intention, give it your attention and then have no tension.  A wonderful teacher gave me that beautiful nugget of wisdom and it carries me through my days.

If you would like some clarity on what the new year holds for you, please hit me up for a reading I am here to help! I wish you an abundance of health, wealth, happiness and peace as we begin this new chapter.

With love,