Thoughts Become Things!

You’ve probably heard the saying: “Where your attention goes, energy flows”, and it’s so true!  Your word is your wand; everything you think, feel and believe is creating the reality you live in every day.

In order to ensure that your life is a reflection of what you truly desire, instead of the result of a fear filled, default mindset you must choose your thoughts and words carefully and program them mindfully.

Intuition can help you identify the path that’s in your highest good, and affirmations are a form of energetic command to help you consciously create and more quickly manifest the reality that you most desire.

When using affirmations, make sure to state your desire in the present tense, such as: “I am now financially free”, “I am now living in abundance” or “I am now experiencing perfect health, abundant prosperity and complete happiness”.

Write them down, sing them to yourself in the car, focus on them for as long as you can.  17 seconds is all it takes to start that energy moving in your life.

Free yourself from petty/negative thinking, celebrate other’s successes and do not write about your troubles and lack.  Your subconscious will bring you more of what you talk, think, feel and write about – so make sure you’re putting your focus on what you want and not what you do not want.

Let naysayer’s opinions roll out of your mind like water off a duck’s back.  Negative Nellies are usually in one of two camps: they secretly admire you, or they find themselves lacking.  Either way, you do not have time to engage.

I wish you a joy filled, perfectly healthy, abundantly prosperous day today!