Trust your intuition, it doesn’t lie.



We all have hunches, gut feelings, intuitive hits.  The question is, do we trust our intuition, or do we ignore it,  at our peril?

Picture the scene:  a friend and her family go on vacation, and you are pet sitting.  The neighborhood is safe but unfamiliar.  One evening while walking the dog on a busy street, you suddenly get the urge to conceal your cell phone, and feel a rush of sensation in your gut that a threat is near.  You jam the phone deep in your pocket and reach down to clean up after the dog.  A moment later, a stranger approaches and asks if he can borrow your phone to make a call, because he’s stranded.   Your body tenses and you respond to him by pointing out the police station a block away.  You turn and begin to walk quickly in the other direction as the stranger shouts: “I was just there, you bitch! Get back here, don’t you walk away from me!”  The next day you see a news story about a rash of cell phone thefts that happened the same way in the area.

This story is a real life experience I had last summer.   I absolutely credit my intuition with alerting me to the very real danger I didn’t rationally know was coming, and I’m grateful I wasn’t mugged.  The lesson I took away from this situation is that if something doesn’t feel right, it usually isn’t.  My body was ready to fight or take flight and I chose not to acquiesce to the stranger’s demands because my intuition alerted me not to – and to get away from danger.  Intuition is a potential life saver; it can can help us discern real threats from imaginary ones. Many women are steeped in the cultural zeitgeist of “being polite to strangers” and might  have felt obligated to help and had their phones stolen, or worse, as the news reminds us time and again.

Often times, our intuition gives us the best information long before our rational minds do.   Intuition works faster and provides answers that our rational minds can then quantify.  Previous experience has taught me that the impressions that come to mind first are usually the most accurate, even after much deliberation and research.  In fact, studies have shown that the longer people deliberate over big decisions, the less satisfied they are with the final outcome than had they just gone with their gut.  In the case of the stranger who wanted my phone last summer, my intuition kept me safe.

The caveat?  The power of our unconscious minds is great, but it can also be fallible.  The good news is that we can fine tune, educate, and manage our unconscious reactions so that what is truly an intuitive response becomes a very clear voice with information we can use any time, for any reason with confidence.  The power of knowing is not a gift given magically to a fortunate few; it is an ability that we can cultivate for ourselves.

What if you could learn and implement this aspect of your mind and use it to your advantage intentionally (and not just by chance)?  One of my passions is teaching people about how amazing life can be when we use our intuition consciously, for our benefit.

I’m so excited about doing this in fact, that I’m putting the final touches on a workshop series that will help you learn to use your intuition like a boss, every day.

Do you ever wonder what life would be like if you could use intuition to guide you towards the vision you’ve always had for yourself?

When you harness the power of your intuition, it will allow you to:

  • Solve problems and make decisions with ease.
  • Recognize and maximize opportunities.
  • Connect with friends and loved ones more deeply.
  • Navigate job interviews, social interactions and dating with more clarity and confidence.
  • Feel confident and comfortable no matter what life throws at you.
  • Open up to a world of possibilities.

Now, doesn’t that sound like a super-power you’d love to have?  Rest assured, it can be yours!

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