Week of August 17th

Aries: Ten of Pentacles

The focus is on financial prosperity and firm foundations for home/family life. It points to transactions involving a lot of money or an abrupt, better change in your living status or property buying and selling. You are entering into a prosperous time of life. However, the happiness and contentment you feel extend beyond material concerns. Your health is good, your family life is stable. You’re ready to move forward in the company of a group or community. You’re in tune with your higher self and likely experiencing incidence of clairvoyance, clairaudience, or precognitive dreams. Concentrate on the hidden experience in ordinary things. Magic lies just beneath the surface of everyday life.

Taurus: Ace of Pentacles/Three of Cups

Your community lends support, or is why you receive positive rewards for hard work and get a fresh start in all areas having to do with your business or finances. This week’s focus is on your body, physical health, proper diet/nutrition, material gain, prosperity, and success. You’re on a glorious adventure that will bring positive financial changes down the road. This is an endeavor that you share with like-minded, supportive souls. The timing is right, don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and take a risk – anything you invest now will come back to you with interest. You are a leader, with the power to guide others to manifest their plans, ideas, and dreams, by following your example. Celebrate your life and share its joy and wonder with those around you.

Gemini: Hermit/Sun REVERSED

It’s time to end the period of introspection and return to “everyday” life once again. You were on an introspective journey that required you to draw your energy and attention inward to find the answers deep within your soul. You may have realized that your most profound sense of truth and knowledge is within you – separate from the distractions of the outside world. Having uncovered the gifts of this soul-mine, it’s time to emerge and walk through a newly opened portal that offers a feeling of empowerment because your goals seem clearer than they have ever been. This new energy brings positivity, attainment, success, and material wealth. You’re in the loop of wellness, money, love, and luck. You are free of illusion and can view life as filled with truth and light.

Cancer: Empress/Knight of Pentacles

Ideas blossom and your plans find the support they need because they speak to other people, and inspire them. You are about to uncover a goldmine in a project or a client, and it may have to do with children, stray animals, or providing care and comfort to people or animals who need your particular brand of love and support. It’s a fertile time for the heart’s affairs, and you may be wined and dine by a prosperous, hardworking lover. (Think vacations on the family yacht or in a country manner, vs. poetry and flowers). The significant issues are appearing in your life all at once, triggering you to search for answers. The answers can be found serendipitously through your family, children, animals, books, nature, and art. Nurture yourself. Cultivate your fantasies and dreams, dare to reach for all that you imagine.

Leo: Six of Pentacles, Four of Swords

One way or another, life conspires to give you what you need. You won’t win the lottery, but you will get a push in the right direction. The support you receive isn’t just financial, you will find that your efforts and ideas are met with understanding and approval. Open yourself to the magic forces that allow you to give and receive aid when necessary. Any projects you launch will be successful, you find comfort and support with your partner, a debt is repaid, finances improve because of a third party. Healings occur, and what you give out comes back twofold. This will allow you to take a much needed time out. Focus your power and tap into the healing and restorative capabilities of the universe. You’ll emerge renewed and refreshed – as you begin the next leg of your journey.

Virgo: Ace of Wands/Empress

Think NEW: abundance, creative beginning, the birth of an idea, raise, promotion, a new job, or exciting challenges. A new chapter begins. Expect a position you’ve coveted, the sale of a book, a new project, or opening your own business. Your head is filled with ideas and boundless energy. You find your niche, and you get a taste of everything that might be and charge forward towards your dreams. New love, spiritual renewal with a current partner, and a general feeling of being nurtured or nurturing bring forth a rebirth of spirit. Your worldview expands as do your ideas of what’s possible. Listen to your gut, follow your impulses, and seize all the opportunity coming your way. You may be meeting strangers who feel like familiar members of your soul pod this week.

Libra: Hanged Man/Two of Cups

You need to do a one-eighty in perceiving a particular relationship or connection in your life. Adjust your point of view and reverse your established order of doing things. If you are single and seeking romance, courtship, and passion that ultimately leads to marriage, you can expect postponed plans, stagnation, and frustration. Same for you partnered up Libras, your partnerships will be going through a shift as well. The more profound significance of the delay in moving forward speaks to old beliefs and ideas that have lost their meaning and need to be released before your way becomes clear. Avoid victim consciousness because this standstill isn’t permanent. You’re merely in a rut because of rigid ideas and fixed concepts that no longer work. Once you release them, your heart chakra opens, and you will feel at one with the universe, ready to accomplish more together than you can achieve alone.

Scorpio: Two of Wands/Ten of Wands Reversed

Your ships are coming in – success is imminent! You know what you are capable of, what needs to be done, and realize that you’re moving in the right direction. Your investment in ideas, time, and money is about to pay off. You are collaborating with another person on a creative, business project, a screenplay, a court case, or a small business endeavor. You’re pleased with the way the partnership is unfolding. You can lay your burdens down because, in business or companionship, you can trust this person to have your back and support your work ethic with matched energy. You needn’t carry everything, delegate and accept help where it is offered. You’re being liberated.

Sagittarius: Three of Wands/Nine of Cups

Hallelujah, you’re poised on the threshold of success, and your efforts to attain a dearly cherished dream are about to pay off! You’re on the precipice of a significant milestone, and you’re on solid ground. Have confidence in your future plans because not only do you possess the power to bring about your heart’s desire – it’s about to land on your doorstep. If you’re single, a soulmate appears, if you’re a writer, your book or screenplay sells, you have an art exhibit, get new orders for your services, the money arrives, and the news about health, wealth, and family is good. You’re tapped into the magical forces that surround us, and your fairy godmother has waved her proverbial wand. Enjoy it, and rest secure in the knowledge that it’s not going to vanish at the stroke of Midnight. This new era will prove long-lasting and is well earned.

Capricorn: Heirophant/Hermit

Your search for personal truth is partly due to a clash with the powers that be, whether religious, family, or business. The tradition, ritual, or established order of doing things has triggered a need to understand and clarify your own beliefs and position. After a period in which you go inwards to plumb the depths of your inner truth, you realize that you don’t have to compromise your personal integrity or ideas, but that you will benefit from folding them into the underlying structure. Conventional belief systems challenge you and deepen your spiritual values. Empowered by a deeper understanding of your mission, you benefit from rituals that connect you to “All That Is.”

Aquarius: Strength/Three of Pentacles

You are laying a solid foundation for your future. You’re in a strong position – you’ve got the innate ability to deal with whatever life brings. Draw on that enormous energy to break through and overcome obstacles. You are seizing control of your own destiny and moving forward with your plans. Your sex life is about to take off – you either meet someone to whom you’re instantly attracted and hit it off with or your relationship leaps into a passionate, intense period. You’re feeling confident and connected with this person and building something together that will last a lifetime. Expect a balance between the spiritual and material and your conscious and unconscious powers. Listen to your intuition and call on your inner knowing to manifest what you want. It will prove to be both beautiful and enduring.

Pisces: The World/The Fool

In every ending, there is a beginning. All of the elements of a situation are drawn into a synthesized whole. You’ve reached a deep understanding of the issues that concern you. You have realized that everything in life starts within and radiates outward. Your most private beliefs create the reality in which you live. Everything is available to you. Free yourself from restriction, expand your horizons. This is a peak experience, where you move closer to becoming who you really are. Enjoy your triumphs before starting again. You may realize that you’ve had the perfect romantic partnership for a long time. Money comes in, perhaps through inheritance and quite possibly more than one source. Enjoy it, and then get ready, because soon, you’ll be off on another glorious adventure, filled with the spirit of wild abandon.