Week of July 13th

ARIES: The Tower – Reversed

Change isn’t being forced on you by external circumstances.  The changes symbolized by the Tower in reverse come from deep within. The upheaval caused by your personal transformation has been initiated because you are questioning your fundamental beliefs about your values, purpose, and meaning. The change you are creating is paving the way towards a new and more evolved version of yourself. You may also be clinging to the status quo no matter the costs, and in deep denial that an old belief system still works for you. The Tower in reverse urges you to let go of what is no longer relevant or healthy.  It is a challenging but valuable lesson that will catapult you towards your goals.

TAURUS: Eight of Cups

You’re leaving the past behind. You are moving on from a situation because of disappointment, or because it has reached a natural conclusion. You could be leaving a relationship or an unfulfilling job or career. It’s a conscious decision, based on the need to experience new things and because you have gone as far as you can go. You may feel a sense of sadness about making this break, but you are eager to move forward with your life and onto happier things. Once these cords are severed, new possibilities and opportunities open up for you. There is a depth of meaning in solitude. Follow your own voice, it will lead you to all that has been lacking in your life.

GEMINI: The World

You have reached a deep understanding of the issues that concern you and realize that everything in life starts within and radiates outward. Your most private beliefs create the reality that you live in. Everything is available to you now. If you’ve been working on a long-term project that seems like it will never end, the conclusion is near. This is a peak experience, but not the realization of an ultimate life goal. You’re becoming who you really are and have rewards to reap before moving on. Embrace synchronicities, they are your higher self’s way of getting your attention and guiding you.

CANCER: King of Swords

You’re being put on notice that it’s time to let go of thoughts and beliefs that have outlived their purpose. Your intellect is powerful and can cut to the heart of any matter, uncovering powerful truths. If you’ve been experiencing any tension regarding money matters, they will come to a head very soon. Deal with the news in a straightforward manner and move forward, and don’t look back. This will dissolve any blockage and allow the prosperity flow to move into your life again. If someone in your life – a lover or boss is blunt or oblivious to how their opinions land, give yourself some breathing space and calmly explain your side of the situation. You will benefit from a short, sweet vacation.  

LEO: Strength 

The astrological counterpart of the Strength card is Leo. The rulership implied in this card is self-dominion and implicit trust in your own abilities. A strong person doesn’t need to exercise control over others, their strength comes from within, and is based on wisdom, knowledge, and a belief in oneself. There is a balance between the spiritual and material and harmony between opposing forces. You have the innate ability to deal with whatever life brings. You meet someone new, to whom you are instantly attracted to or enter into an intense, passionate period with your current partner. Listen to your intuition and call on your inner knowing to help you manifest whatever you want. 

VIRGO: The Sun

You feel empowered because your goals seem brighter than they’ve ever been. You embrace your destiny and realize you have created it. If you have applied for a job, you will get it, and it will turn out to be everything you want. You love your work. Your productivity and creativity are recognized and appreciated. If you’re single, someone new captures your heart. If you’re already involved, you and your significant other experience a resurrection of an earlier passion. Relax and enjoy yourself. You’re in the wellness loop, and you have survived the darkness. Follow the light. 

LIBRA: Two of Cups

Emotional balance, romance, courtship, and passion that leads to marriage is what the two of cups symbolizes. Friendship and enjoyable social activities are highlighted. Spend time with people you care about. It’s a perfect time to settle any minor disputes and resolve past differences. Get clear about what you want and need in life before committing to another. Work partnerships are harmonious, cooperative, and friendly. Romantically, single Libras may encounter a person with whom a sexual attraction resonates at deep instinctive levels. It’s a soulmate reunion. Your heart chakra opens, you feel at one with the universe.

SCORPIO: Three of Pentacles

You’re entering into new realms of experience in your chosen career. It’s not a course change, it’s stepping into what you have been working toward. Personal relationships deepen, and past problems resolve, leading to new levels of intimacy and loyalty. You are using all of your skills and abilities to create something beautiful and enduring, that lasts far into the future. If you’re working on a writing project, a book, a lecture, or a presentation, you may have to fine-tune it, but the foundation is solid, and you will sell your project.  You are leveling up.

SAGITTARIUS: Four of Swords

The four of swords can mean a period of inactivity away from your regular life. Your strength is exhausted, or circumstances have forced you to slow down or temporarily drop out and rest. For now, you’re stuck in neutral. This break in activity is long overdue; use it to revitalize yourself. Take a timeout, go on a vacation, a retreat, or just relax and get in touch with your inner self. The standstill may cause you some frustration, but the time away is mandatory. Put your concerns to one side and embrace the downtime. You will emerge renewed and refreshed.

CAPRICORN: Page of Swords

The broader issues in your life are calling out for attention. Set realistic goals for your personal development, and sign up for the workshop, classes or whatever it takes to get on track. You’re a powerful thinker with a curious mind and a keen insight into the human condition. This will help you not lose your temper with a coworker who thinks he’s your intellectual superior. You can resolve any challenge by exploring the other side of a situation and examining it without losing sight of or compromising your principles. If you’re burned out by too much work and no play, take a long weekend and do what you love best. You’ll return with a fresh perspective.

AQUARIUS: King of Cups

You work or want to work out of your home and working to make this a reality. Profit isn’t your sole motive, your work has to be something that you love doing. Your heightened intuition leads you to new opportunities. If you’re single, you meet someone in a group or activity related to water – boating, sailing, swimming. If you’re in a relationship, you reach a new level of understanding, renew vows. Your answers are close to home, maybe as near as your bookshelf. Your deepest inspirations may come through dreams, so keep a journal. By requesting dreams that answer your questions, you harvest the richness of your own being.

PISCES: Two of Pentacles

Think balance, adaptability, and equilibrium. You may juggle several projects, and sources of income, or handle school while working. You strike a balance with the cheer and enthusiasm of a juggler in a vaudeville act. There’s hidden magic in the way you maintain your equilibrium. You may also be harmonizing your personal spiritual development with outer material growth. The key is to avoid spreading yourself too thin. If you’re unable to find time with your partner, it’s worth it to make adjustments to pull it off. A passion is rekindled, and a major change ushers in a new era for the relationship. Money is going out as fast as it comes in, but it’s fluid and will keep moving. Your versatility is your greatest strength.