Week of July 6th

ARIES: Justice

The astrological counterpart to Justice is Libra – your opposite sign. Its influence is impartial, objective, detached, and nonjudgemental. What you’ve waited for materializes, conflicts are resolved, and harmony reigns. You get what you believe you deserve and experience the world as an echo of your thoughts and actions. Cycles end and new ones begin. Remain firm in your heart’s desire, and your heart’s desire is obtained much more quickly. Balance, balance, balance! Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not yet here, enjoy today.  PS. The person on your mind may be a Libra. 

TAURUS: Queen of Wands

This Queen is businesslike and exuberant about everything she does. She seems to have inexhaustible reserves of energy, a flair for drama, and passion for everything she believes in. Expect an improvement in work and good news about work in general. If your boss is female, she is firmly in your court. News is on the way about an issue or situation that has concerned you. You may move house,  or refurbish/remodel your current home to sell it. Sell stocks, buy land. Romance may be marked by passion and intense emotions, expect the unexpected. Follow your hunches. 

GEMINI: Ten of Swords

You’re facing forced change and the final resolution of a situation or the dramatic end of a cycle. You give up on a lost cause and get on with the true meaning of your life. Ultimately, you feel relieved, accept the inevitable, and move on. Despite the harsh depiction of this card in most decks, it isn’t about death, it’s about endings, and sometimes misfortune. Sometimes it spells the end of a relationship, a situation, or a particular time in your life. The loss can seem worse than it is because it feels unexpected and ends something you had been counting on. Actually, the worst is over, and it’s time to take out the trash before you can move forward. You’ve experienced disaster and survived. There is little left in your life to fear. 

CANCER: Seven of Pentacles 

It’s time to take stock. Evaluate your achievements and trust that the projects you’ve set into motion can now move forward under their own momentum. You may be tempted to rest for a bit, but it won’t last long. Your inspiration urges you forward. Through the honest appraisal of your needs and desires, you attune yourself to deeper levels of awareness. Take your cues from synchronicities, hunches, and intuitive hits. You have what it takes. Everything in your life is up for review. You may be examining your personal relationships, your work, and your purpose on the planet. The answers are less important than the process. Life unfolds from the inside out, not the other way around. 

LEO: Queen of Cups

She’s the prototypical compassionate nurturer. She showers her love and kindness on children, animals, environmental issues, and the causes in which she fervently believes. She excels in medicine and metaphysics and could be a psychic, healer, astrologer, tarot reader, actor, or investigator. She’s spiritual and loving but also sexual and secretive. A new work opportunity may come to you that hits you just right. It’s satisfying and uses all your skills and abilities. You may enter into a tumultuous, passionate affair, filled with sexual electricity – or a period of that with your current flame. Your emotions have a powerful impact on your health, and your spiritual path flows through all areas of your life.

VIRGO: Three of Cups

Your intuition blossoms, confusion lifts, clarity emerges. A pending matter reaches a happy conclusion. Estrangements are mended, old wounds heal and allow you to move forward. Finances are fluid, speedily going out and coming back in. You make a killing and then spend it on a big-ticket item, like a future celebration, vacation, or downpayment. Health is good, but you may be advised to cut back indulgences. Group interactions with like-minded souls lead you to a spiritual awakening. Through shared ritual, you experience a feeling of renewed peace and reverence. You celebrate life and share its wonder and joy with those around you.

LIBRA: Death

The Death card doesn’t mean physical death. It means transition, transformation, rebirth, and permanent change.  It is a revitalizing force that sweeps away the old to make way for the new. The astrological correspondence is Scorpio and the eighth house of death and regeneration. This change is required. If you don’t change willingly, something will force you to, then like a phoenix, you will rise, reborn. Do you have a compulsion to cling to old situations, no matter the cost? Expect a complete turnaround. Any loss results in benefit in the form of new, better, and more aligned with who you actually are. Transformation occurs as you release situations and relationships that no longer serve your highest good.

SCORPIO: Five of Swords

Linked with Venus in Aquarius, the five of swords portends a hollow victory. You win, but was it worth the effort? Is this what you really want? Examine your motives and ask yourself if you secretly wanted to lose in this situation. Perhaps you used or were victimized by unfair tactics. Either way, this card talks about a confrontation that brings pain to both parties.  Despite this, you’ll be able to confront the issues head-on and solve your problems. Sometimes this card indicates an escape from danger, breaking bonds, or a lifting of restrictions. Be especially careful not to turn your feelings of anger against yourself. Use your energy in pursuit of a higher cause. 


Partnerships of all stripe are inherent to this card. Soulmate connections, romance, courtship, and passion that leads to marriage are all possibilities. Emotional balance, equanimity, and cordial encounters are available. Friendship and companionship are highlighted. It’s an ideal time to show appreciation for your friends and family and a good time to settle minor disputes and resolve past differences. Your heart chakra opens, you feel at one with the universe. You experience a deeper awareness of reality and harmony and connection to source. By uniting with another, you accomplish more than either o you could achieve alone.

CAPRICORN: Knight of Swords

The Knight of Swords charges forward, like Alexander the Great, conquering everything in his path. He is courageous and ready to overcome every obstacle in his way. Expect a whirlwind of social activity and a definite surge in your work. Go after your raise, promotion, a book contract, movie deal – whatever it is you want. You’ll find allies in unexpected places. Impatience works against you – listen to your heart, not just your head. Cultivate faith that what you need will be provided for you before you need it. Be careful what you wish for. 

AQUARIUS: Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles isn’t afraid of hard work, and his adventures focus on practical matters like money and financial stability. Set financial goals and stick to a budget. Your finances are improving steadily but surely. You find your niche – or it finds you! You uncover a goldmine in a client or project, and you’re headed for professional distinction. There is the potential for a windfall when this Knight comes out to play – a winning lottery ticket, a significant book advance, or a profitable project. The big issues appear in your life all at once and trigger a search for answers. You don’t merely react, you deal with the problems and evolve. 

PISCES: Four of Pentacles

You want a strong financial base, and you’re willing to compromise your higher aspirations to attain it. Don’t be afraid of change, and guard against clinging to the status quo. Open yourself to new ideas. Loosen your Vulcan death grip on what is familiar: a job, material possessions, a relationship, or a particularly safe environment. You know that your fixed ideas of security and safety hold you back from fulfillment, but you’re too scared to change. You could be repeating old patterns in a new relationship out of a deep-rooted fear of abandonment. Find your inner comfort zone and use it as a starting point for chakra meditation. Act on the images and impulses you receive – they are coming from the deepest levels of your being.