Week of June 29th

Aries: Justice

One cycle ends, and another begins. Contracts are made or broken. Legal matters resolve in your favor, any financial darkness you’ve been facing is illumined, a windfall shows up just in time to tide you over. Balance! Are you working too much and overeating, not getting enough rest or exercise? Allow yourself to flow with the cycles of nature to improve your health and well being. Walk in the woods, or by the beach under a hot sun. You benefit immeasurably by living in the now. You are between cycles, yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not yet here. Enjoy today.

Taurus: Seven of Swords

Don’t allow others to take advantage of you. State your convictions, and don’t be browbeaten into doing what you don’t want to do. When you’re negotiating a deal, play your cards close to the chest, and you’ll outsmart the opposition. Are you running from something – commitment, responsibility, hard work, love? You may be procrastinating, letting problems slip because you don’t want to deal with them. Sometimes we just have to face what has to be met. Take heart, this too shall pass.

Gemini: The Sun

You feel empowered because your goals seem brighter than they have ever been. Embrace your destiny and realize that you created it. By saying yes to opportunity, your life opens into new vistas. You love your work. Your productivity and creativity are recognized and appreciated. Someone new may capture your heart, or you and your significant other experience a resurrection of an earlier passion. Luck tags your heels, your earnings increase, your raise or loan comes through. You have survived the darkness, now follow the light.

Cancer: The Emperor

Something you desire is starting to appear in your life, even if you can’t see it yet. Your most significant strength is the power of your will. You view every obstacle as a challenge. Through visualizations and affirmations, you make your intention and desires clear, and the universe responds—the more focused the intent, the faster the manifestation. You feel a sense of peace about where you are and where you want to be. Carve out your personal spiritual space for an altar, a vision board, or just some extra time for yourself. Be alert for synchronicities.

Leo: Three of Wands

You’re poised on the threshold of success, and your past efforts are starting to pay off. You’ve reached a significant milestone, you’re on solid ground and have confidence concerning long-term plans. The change you’ve been waiting for is within sight. New orders arrive for your product or service; people who have heard about you via word of mouth come knocking at your door. Any loans you may have applied for are approved, and finances increase. The news is good. You possess the power to bring about your heart’s desire.

Virgo: Three of Pentacles

You’re moving up in your chosen career and building a foundation that will last far. Professional recognition puts you in line for a promotion. You may fine-tune a writing project, book, lecture, or presentation, but the basics are done. You will sell your project. Personal relationships mature, and you put past problems behind you as you move into a deeper level of loyalty and intimacy. You use your skills and abilities to create something beautiful and enduring.

Libra: Empress

Your life swells with abundance. Your ideas blossom and find the support they need because they speak to the hearts of others. Your openness and receptivity make you a good listener and an excellent counselor. Your home is warm and inviting and filled with good food. It is also your sanctuary, your sacred place. It’s a good time for investments; the check really is in the mail, and the raise you’ve been hoping for comes through. Financial obligations ease up. By embracing the practical aspects of everyday life, prosperity finds you. Nurture all that you are, so that you become all that you can be.

Scorpio: King of Swords

You are being put on notice: it’s time to cut away from old ideas and beliefs that have outlived their purpose. Be fair and logical when dealing with others, visualize the events resolving for the highest good of everyone involved. Though your mental prowess is powerful, listen to your intuition about a situation, too. Your link to your significant other or someone you’re dealing with is rooted in the intellectual curiosity that leads to a deeper emotional connection. Your sharp mind cuts right to the heart of any matter, which brings great benefit to you and others.

Sagittarius: The World

A feeling of completion, success, and fulfillment is here for you now. You’ve reached a deep understanding of the issues that concern you. You’ve begun to realize that everything in life starts within and radiates outward, that your most private beliefs create the reality that you live. Everything is available to you. It’s time to free yourself from restriction. Expand your horizons. You’re ready to reap your rewards and move on to a new phase. If you’ve been working on a project that seems like it will never end, be assured that the conclusion is near. By transcending the ordinary and balancing your connection to the physical and spiritual planes, you glimpse the more profound meaning and purpose of your life’s journey.

Capricorn: Queen of Pentacles

You rule your home and office with equal efficiency, a practical go-getter seeking tangible solutions. You come up with a business plan, strategy, or publicity campaign that your coworkers or employees can implement effectively. Your family looks to you for this same kind of guidance. Professionally, you build on past achievements and are recognized for them. You love what you do, but you’re happiest in your personal space, surrounded by books, music, animals, and plants, the private world you’ve created. Your Midas touch works so well, you don’t question it, you go with the flow. Your intuition and reason work beautifully together. Everything seems to be clicking into place.

Aquarius: Four of Cups

You have choices, but you may consider them to be without merit. Take a second look; something presented is better than you think. If you feel like the future seems bleak, check-in, and make sure that any depression hasn’t grown roots and become more than a passing mood. Don’t disregard opportunities for growth, renewed happiness, and satisfaction. You need a new source of income, but keep overlooking the obvious. Reconsider opportunities or investments that you’ve flat-out rejected. Things aren’t as bleak as they appear to be. Reevaluate your life and relationships to uncover possibilities that you may have overlooked.

Pisces: Ace of Pentacles

A fresh start in all areas having to do with career and finance. Huzzah! Material gain, prosperity, and success are at hand. Something new is emerging in your life. You begin a venture that brings positive financial changes down the road. The timing is right. Don’t be afraid to initiate a plan that seems a bit risky. The money you invest now comes back to you with interest. You find a long-sought solution to a troubling professional problem. A new job or career change is in store for you. Meditation helps ground you. You have the power to manifest your plans, ideas, and dreams.