Welcome Yourself.

Art: Fernanda Uribe

Ahhh, self love, self acceptance, self care.  Common parlance these days, but still potentially the most difficult skill for many of us to learn while we’re driving our meat suits around this big blue marble.  Your cells hear everything you say and believe about yourself and transform themselves accordingly.  The things we say to ourselves when we think nobody is listening get recorded in every facet of our physical appearance and reality – we literally wear our beliefs on our faces.

I scribbled the words: “Welcome yourself.  Even the parts you do not like.  Connect, breathe into them and be gentle, for you are in all your being-ness a thing of beauty.” in a notebook during an extended meditation class I had during my 200 hour yoga teacher training back in early 2013.

Looking back, this random musing feels a little bit like divine missive from my higher self.  As though my future healed self  was tossing a life line to keep me going during one of the most challenging periods in my entire adult life.  The time during my yoga teacher training was emotionally fraught;  I’d lost my mother to pancreatic cancer and endured a particularly terrible break up with a boyfriend who was an addict at the same time.  I was coping, but moments like this one were few and far between.  I think I spent the majority of that year with my dukes up, ready for disaster.

That beautiful day though,  will be forever etched into my memory.  The light of awareness was coursing through my body like a drug after participating in several meditation exercises.  Self acceptance and self love spread through my chest and into body  in a way that I’d never experienced before.  There was warm  sunshine streaming in through the yoga studio windows and warming the bamboo floors.  I was surrounded by friends who’d become family and for that moment everything was right with the world. I was entirely present in the moment.  I was living in the fleeting, proverbial now.  I have attempted to live there as much as I can every day since that day… It’s a daily practice for me, as is the journey towards greater self love.  Meditation is my medicine.

So, my friends, welcome yourselves.  Even the parts you do not like.  For truly – you are, in all your being-ness.  A. Thing. Of. Beauty.

I’m with  you on the journey.



Art by Fernanda Uribe